Washington DC with Kids: Family Friendly Food on a Budget

Food at Union Station-DC with Kids

There is no doubt that when you visits Washington, D.C., you will have various choices of great restaurants. But what do you do when you just want to grab a quick bite (that doesn’t break the bank) and you have your little rascals in tow? Food courts are family-friendly and affordable alternatives to restaurant dining, and the food can be delicious! Check out these four food courts that are within walking distance of D.C. attractions:

View of Old Post Office Tower - DC with Kids

Old Post Office Pavillion – For an alternative way to view downtown D.C. that isn’t the Washington Monument, you definitely need to check out the Old Post Office tower. Afterwards, you can enjoy your lunch or dinner right there at the food court on the ground floor. There’s sure to be something for every picker eater in the family. It’s only a couple blocks from the luxury W Washington DC hotel. 1100 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Union Station-DC with Kids

Union Station DC – This huge food court will blow your mind with the number of choices it offers for lunch or dinner. Make sure you don’t get lost in the crowd and if you can, try to avoid the rush hour, which can get pretty crowded. After the meal, kids can enjoy exploring the station while you shop at the various stores. The Union Station is only a short walk from the Hotel George or the Washington Court hotel. 50 Massachusetts Ave., NE

Capitol Hill-DC with Kids

Longworth Cafeteria – Touring Capitol Hill is a must-do for any visitor to the capitol. After a tour you can head to Longworth cafeteria, located in the basement of the Longworth House Office building. It’s a great place to rub shoulders with politicians as you stand in line for a variety of dishes. Just a couple blocks from the Residence Inn – an excellent kid-friendly hotel on the Hill. Independence Avenue and South Capitol Street

Ronald Raegan Building-DC With Kids

Ronald Reagan Building Food court – Top off your visit to the White House with a quick meal only a block away at the food court in the Ronald Reagan building. It is conveniently located within easy access to the metro station and the InterContinental The Willard hotel. 1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW

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  1. The food at Union Station is pretty good, great variety there. So is the Capitol cafeteria, most of the government facilities have good salad bars :)

  2. We didn’t care for the food in the Reagan Bldg. but did love the food at the American Museum at the Smithsonian. Although most food in cafeterias around D.C. is east-coast pricey, the Smithsonian gave us best value. If you buy their special of the day, they load up your plate. Healthy, freshly made options, too (ex. veggie wraps, gourmet salads).

  3. Oh boy, you’re making me even more excited about our trip there this summer. Thanks for recs, will be good to have these in my back pocket.

  4. Great tips.

  5. I am taking my kids to dc in april and any tips for budget friendly things to do would be greatly appreciated. (Single parent, Spoiled kids!!!)


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