Unconventional Sizzling Beach Holiday Destinations

Beaches holiday Tunisia

It’s not too early to start planning for your holiday breaks for the summer. With a proper planning, you will be able to enjoy family vacation at the exotic locations that your family will come back with the lasting memory for the whole clan. And if you’re after a beach holiday with a difference this summer, don’t just settle for the same old Spain or your umpteenth visit to the Greek islands. Of course wherever you go there’s always the opportunity to see more and discover more – but if you fancy breaking the mould, there’s plenty of choice out there to tempt you away from the norm.

Beach Holidays in North Africa


Beaches holiday Egypt

North Africa is one such destination. When you think about North Africa, you might not associate it with beach vacation. Over the past few years prices on holidays to Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia have come down as demand and competition has increased, and now you can grab Egyptian bargains or cheap holidays to Tunisia that won’t break the bank.

Egypt consists of the Mediterranean beaches on the north and the Red Sea on the east. Each of these beaches offer something for everyone with slightly different feel that is sure to please vacationers looking for wonderful holiday breaks.

In Tunisia, a comprehensive list of pristine beaches are ready to spoil you on your visit. Some of the beaches in Tunisia have soft and gentle shores and some have rugged rocky caverns and some Tunisian coastlines even are hemmed with long palm trees. The Tunisian beaches are the perfect place to enjoy sun-bathe or enjoy some exciting family water sports.

With Morocco’s several thousand kilometers of coast whose landscapes are diverse and offer the extensive stretches of golden sand, crystal clear waters and abundance of water sports, it’s no wonder that beach vacations in Morocco is considered some of the best family’s favorite holidays.

More Than just Beach Holidays


Beaches holiday Morocco

What’s more, many of these destinations offer more than just beach holidays. Take Morocco for instance. The bewitching city of Marrakech makes a fascinating city break that’s worlds away from the westernised favourites of Paris and Rome. In Marrakech you’ll find bustling souks and buzzing bazaars that fill the streets and squares with spice-scented stalls selling a heady array of Moroccon goods and fresh, tasty dishes. And once you’ve had your fill of North African cuisine and you’re ready to rest your weary legs, you can head to one of the city’s fabulous spas for a relaxing massage.

Then there’s Egypt. This vast destination has a holiday for every occasion – for beach-lovers, scuba divers, city slickers, cruisers, and just about everyone in-between. The jewel in the crown is of course Egypt’s ancient history and its magnificent monuments, ranging from the world famous Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx to the spectacular Temple of Karnak. Away from the sights, resorts like Sharm el Sheikh offer a fantastic beach environment, with gorgeous golden sands and pristine waters that sparkle under cloudless blue skies. It’s beach holiday heaven.

So which sizzling beach holiday destination will you choose?

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