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Twitter #TravelTuesday

For active Twitter users especially the travel bloggers or travelers, #TravelTuesday is one of the most active and fun day of the week. It started by @WhereIveBeen to help travels to connect and share their favorite URLs, pictures, blog posts and more!

Bring Travel Tuesday to the Blog

I tend to miss out on the fun during the day and hate that I don’t have enough space to highlight my favorite tweets of the week. So I decided that every Tuesday I will bring #TravelTuesday to my blog. Each Tuesday, I will highlight great travel-related posts I have found.

So without further ado, let’s meet my first 5 #TravelTuesday Twitter for this week.

Great Family Travel Tip for Many Uses of Ziplock by @DeliciousBaby

@DeliciousBaby is a great resource for family travel including tips, travel stories and review for kid-friendly hotels. I have been following her blog religiously.

This week, she provided a great list of 20 reasons to bring the ziplock bag when you travel. I mean can you say cheap iPad bag?

Top 10 Things to Do With Kids in Sydney, Australia by @DavidRobertHogg

@DavidRobertHogg is the man behind the blog – My Little Nomads, which is full of great family travel tips to many great destinations. The blog is a great resource for family with kids who plan to travel to different parts of the world whether it will be Thailand, Japan, Greece or Australia.

The latest post, Top 10 Things to Do with Kids in Sydney, is one that I will definitely come back to read over and over again. I love post about things to do with kids in a city and I love it even more when that said city is Sydney, Australia. We have been dreaming about planning a trip to Sydney for a while so this post is a great starting point for us.

Exploring Thailand by Train by @ThePlanetD

@ThePlanetD is one of my favorite adventure couple in the blogosphere. Their site, The Planet D, is a great resource for travelers and travel bloggers who want to get more information about adventure travel, exotic destinations, or travel tips. In addition, travel bloggers will get the benefit of their insight about how to become a full-time travel bloggers. What I love about Dave & Deb is their transparency and their willingness to share and help others.

This week post that I want to highlight is a great post about train travel in Thailand. Hello!! What not to like when they talk about travel to Thailand. Exploring Thailand by Train gives readers the alternative way to explore Thailand that most visitors might not think about.

Volunteer Mentoring Youth in Asia Continue Years After by @ShannonRTW

@ShannonRTW is the brain behind A Little Adrift blog. Shannon blogs about her RTW trip and many interesting things she did along the way. When I first started reading, I was pulled to her blog from her compassion. Her blog is such an inspiration for me to try to find a way to give back during traveling.

Her latest post is a great example of what an inspiration she is to the travel blogging community. A Little Volunteering…Continued Mentoring Years Later shows that sometimes the best gift you can give to a person is your time and your compassion!

The World is Pretty in Pink by @JenLaceda

@JenLaceda is a super woman who has not only one but three blogs that are filled with beautifully written posts and amazing photos. I don’t know how I found My Folie A Deux but I knew that I spent half a day just reading her archives and looking at those beautiful pictures from her travel all around the world.

And today’s post will give you the best way to see her talent. The World is Pretty in Pink is a photo story from Jen to show her favorite places around the world and they are all in pink!

I hope you visit and follow them if you don’t already do.

So leave me a comment and let me know your favorite #TravelTuesday post or tweet this week!

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Amy is the owner & author of The Q Family Adventures Travel blog, family blog chronicles her family trips, tips and tricks. She hopes to inspire family to travel with kids one adventure at a time. Connect with Amy on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Thank you so much for such kind words Amy, I appreciate the mention and the #TT love! :)

  2. Wow! Thank you so much Amy. I love the other blogs in the list too, they are some of my favourites I have been Following Jen and Shannon and you! since the beginning of my blogging days and you all just keep getting better and better. And while I haven’t been following My little Nomads and Delicious Baby for quite as long, they are regular stops on my internet surfing day. Looking forward to checking out their posts right now.

  3. Amy, thanks for including me!! My fave travel tuesday post is Travelogged’s “Planning a Babymoon…” post today! Great tips from a very pregnant Liz!

  4. great posts i am looking at the blogs right now


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