Thailand with Kids: The Little Moments

Thailand with Kids - Wat Pra Kaew

As we are looking forward to our Summer trip to Thailand, I couldn’t help but look back at our old album from our last visit 2 years ago.

Both Miss J and Mr. Z were still so young. I didn’t know anything about blogging yet.

Thailand with Kids - Pattaya

Still… I  remember those little moments like a peaceful dinner by the beach in Pattaya with my family. It all started out like what you would imagine seeing from the magazine. Then the reality set in. Mosquito came by and we moved inside to the comfort of air conditioning.

Thailand with Kids - Muang Boran

I remember Mr. Z ran wild in the replica building of the Sanphet Prasat Palace in the Ancient City. Even with all the heat, they could careless about that. They were just so happy to be able to run and enjoy the space.

Those were little moments that I still cherish and couldn’t wait to make many more little moments with my kids in Thailand. Summer couldn’t be here fast enough.

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  1. Love these photos! How exciting that you get to go back this summer!

  2. Ooh, I’m looking forward to seeing what you do this summer. We arrive in Thailand around April next year. We were talking about the snake hospital in Bangkok this morning, the 5yrold was fascinated!

  3. There’s something about being warm and on holiday that puts us in a good mood – I’m also dreaming of winter being over

  4. Reminiscing is almost as great as traveling. You think of all the good parts and don’t have to deal with the scrambling it took to get there.

  5. I’m in the process of planning our visit to Thailand in early 2011. Can. Not. Wait.

  6. Very cool photos, and very cute kids!

    Enjoy your next trip,

    Debbie Ferm

  7. One of our best family trips ever was three weeks in Thailand! Truly a magical place and perfect for family travel. Look forward to seeing/hearing all about your trip this summer.

  8. I’ve been to Thailand, but would love to take the family. Maybe in a few years when our youngest is older…

  9. What a great experience! You can just see the overwhelming joy on their faces. I would be super excited if I were going to Thailand as well. Lucky you!

  10. Gorgeous photos of your Thailand trip. Don’t you just love Atlanta. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  11. Ooh, I didn’t know that you were going to Thailand this summer, have a great trip and looking forward to reading all about your family adventures! I know that you are going to have an amazing time. The kids just look like they are loving every minute of your last trip.

  12. have any of you had any experience with smiling albino? they are adventure tour company in thailand… I am working on planning a holiday with them, but as they are small.. i don’t know others who have used them… interested in input.. going to thailand with kids in december! thanks..

  13. Iline – Did you ever take a tour with smiling albino? If so, how did it go? Thx.

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