Thailand With Kids: Haew Suwat Waterfall AKA “The Beach” Waterfall

Thailand With Kids - Waterfall Khao Yai Haew Suwat

On our visit to Saraburi, we visited Khoa Yai National Park as a day trip.

After we entered the national park entrance, we passed many wild animals including families of monkeys who claim the street as their own. As we ascended up the mountain peak, it is clear why Khoa Yai National Park is one of the most visited park in Thailand. The dense forest and green plants blanket both side of the road.

One of our stops was Haew Suwat Waterfall in Khao Yai National Park.

This waterfall is best known as the shooting location for the movie featuring Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘The Beach“. It was in the scene where he and his friends followed the map to the waterfall and in order to find this hidden place they would have to jump!

Thailand With Kids - Waterfall Khao Yai View The Beach

The waterfall didn’t look that impressive in this picture because we visited during the dry season. The water level was dramatically lower than usual. But during the rainy season, the park is packed with visitors and campers who can enjoy the waterfall at its best.

Thailand With Kids - Waterfall Khao Yai Trail

There is a walking trail to the bottom of the fall. The trail was easy to walk even with young children. But it still requires you to be careful on your steps. We marched along the trail with big trees protect us from the Sun.

Kids enjoyed climbing on the big rocks and twisted roots. Then we were rewarded with the view of the waterfall. Kids could wade in the water during this time due to low current. But during the rainy season, it is advised to be careful.

It was a quick stop on our long day at Khao Yai National Park. If you plan to visit, I would recommend to go during the rainy season. Yes, you will see more people. But with the park this size, being the only group here seems a bit too scary for me.

Family Tips:

  • Hiking shoes are recommended for walking down this trail
  • Bring extra outfit if kids plan to dip in the water
  • You might want to learn how to use squat toilet if planning to travel in the provinces. It will come in handy. Or try to look for handicapped restroom

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  1. Even in the dry season it looks impressive! I love all the green in these shots.

  2. Thank you, Anna. It’s a great place indeed! So much different in the mountain than in the city.

  3. That place looks lovely. Thanks for sharing. We’re heading up through Thailand next month so I’ll add this to my list of places to see!

  4. what a beautiful place! and yes, being the only ones would be sort of spooky. it looks so very green.

  5. the place looks beautiful, i love the photos you took. am planning to go there soon, any advice?

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