Thailand With Kids: 5 Things We Love About Ko Samet

Whenever we go back to Thailand for a visit, we plan a vacation trip (within our vacation trip) with the whole families. These include all my siblings and their children and my cousins. We don’t have a large extended family so it was not anything in the size of a family reunion in America. Basically, it was a size of about 15 adults and 7 kids.

Choosing a place to go depends on where we want to go. Last visit, we all went to Hong Kong and Macau. It might seem like a big deal but when you booked everything through the travel agency, it made it all possible. As much as I cringed for using a guided tour, I was thankful for that trip. With the age ranges from 60 years old to 6 months old, we could use some luxury like our own bus to take us everywhere.

The Photo Story: 5 Things We Love About Ko Samet

This time around we chose a quick weekend getaway from Bangkok to Ko Samet. Check out why we loved our time on Ko Samet!

1. Great Destination for a Quick Trip from Bangkok

This trip was a bit easier because Ko Samet is a great weekend destination from Bangkok. With less than 3 hours drive from Bangkok and another 45 minutes boat ride, we were transported to our homeaway from home for the weekend.

Ko Samet might not be as well-known as Phuket or Phi Phi island but it’s a very popular destination for Thais due to the affordable cost and short distance.

2. Family-Friendly Accommodation

We stayed at Sai Kaew Beach Resort on Sai Kaew beach, the most developed beach on the island. It was a PERFECT place for family.

Our room was literally stone thrown away from the pool and that was where we spent most of our time there. You can see the room from this picture right behind Miss J.

The resort is beautifully decorated with all the detail that incorporate nature to the design.

3. Pool Time is the Best with Family

Even though, our resort is just a quick walk to the beach, we ended up spending most of our time in the pool.

Due to the rainy season, the water wasn’t nearly as nice. Also the rain on the next day didn’t help with our plan to spend the day soaking up the Sun on the beach either. But it was no big deal for kids because the pool was as good or even better than the beach in their mind.

4. Relax Yet Many Options for Fun and Food

Koh Samet is small for a relaxing getaway for the whole family yet still has enough fun activities and great food for us to keep us entertained and fed.

One of the great way to enjoy a good meal is right on the ocean at Ploy Samed Restaurant where you will have to take a free boat ride to their restaurant. The atmosphere was relaxing yet a bit nerve racking for family with small children. I will be writing in more detail about our fun experience here.

5. Time to Reconnect and Relax with Families

This might have been true no matter where we decided to vacation. But Ko Samet provided a perfect location and accommodation for kids to enjoy spending time with each other. At the beginning of the trip, each of them (mostly Miss J and Mr. Z) just met their cousins. But at the end of the trip, they can’t wait to have a sleepover and spend more time together. It made all the plan, the many connecting flights and the cost worth it!

Also, for many of you who are still afraid to come to Thailand, I have been to Thailand for over 2 weeks right after the curfew and the protest, I have never seen any problems. I feel safe here! So please come! Thai people need your help in getting back on their feet. Plus you will be getting a deep discount on everything where ever you go!

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  1. Oh! Looks like your family had so much fun during your trip back to Thailand! I love the pic of your little boy underwater. Looking forward to seeing you again in-person soon!

  2. That’s great that the kids are really connecting with family. It’s hard work, but building these connections really lasts a lifetime. (Sounds trite in print, but I buy into it.) You are giving them so much more than a trip. Will be great to hear how to keep these connections once you come back Stateside.

  3. The pictures are adorable. Your website is great, happy travels!


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