Photo Friday: Enjoy the St. Louis Arch View

St Louis with Kids  The ArchFamily trip to St. Louis will not be completed without a visit to the Arch, the landmark that stood tall above all other building by the Mississippi River. We had only 1 night in St. Louis as we were on our way home from our family reunion.

St Louis with Kids Enjoy the Arch viewMr. Z enjoyed laying down and viewing the Arch from the base. I loved the space where they could run wild.

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St Louis With Kids: Quick & Easy Lunch @ Imo’s Pizza

St Louis with Kids IMO pizza

Pizza has been a staple food in our household. On a busy school night when I ran out of idea or time to cook, I typically gave in and picked up from our local pizza.

During our quick jaunt to St. Louis this past summer for our family reunion, we got a taste of St. Louis pizza style. After a quick search on Yelp & TripAdvisor, it seems Imo’s Pizza is one of the best choice.

St Louis with Kids IMO pizza  MeatImo’s Pizza is the local chain that serves up original St. Louis style pizza. They have several locations in the area so it’s very convenient for us during our visit to the City Museum (one of the best and most fun museum EVER and I promise to write about our experience soon). We took a short walk from the City Museum to Imo’s Pizza Downtown on Washington.

The place looks bright and clean, perfect for a quick bite. We ordered at the counter and waited for our food.

St Louis with Kids IMO's Pizza - CheeseFor Miss J and Mr. Z, they will only eat Cheese pizza so Cheese pizza it is. I have to say I’m in love with St. Louis style pizza. The super thin, cracker-like crust pizza with Provel cheese instead of mozzarella that is cut into square pieces made it easier for the kids to enjoy. Plus I am not a big fan of thick crust to begin with so this pizza style satisfied me without making me felt too full.

St Louis with Kids IMO's Pizza Cheese SticksWe tried toasted ravioli which unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough to take picture before it was gone! We also ordered cheese sticks which was a big hit for the kids as well.

Overall, it was a great lunch before we headed back home. Definitely a place to visit if you love pizza.

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5 Fun Things to Do with Kids in St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis With Kids

Photo Credit: Pedrosz

We do not typically plan a trip without any research on things to do with kids in certain location. It helps make travel with kids easily to know in advance what options we have in a city. Even with just a short list of things to do already make planning that much easier.

We have a last minute trip coming up to St. Louis, Missouri so I have to do a quick research on what are fun things to do with kids in Saint Louis.

So here are our picks for 5 Fun Things to Do with Kids in St. Louis

The Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch St. Louis

Photo Credit: Wroemance

It’s without a doubt a must-see and must-do on our list. The symbolic arch that stands tall in Saint Louis is also a Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. For us, it’s a another stamp we will collect in our National Park passport book. The visit to the base of the Arch is free but to get a great view of the city we plan to purchase a ticket for a Journey to the Top. We will also see if we can join the free ranger-led guided tour as well. Also we will heed Sarah from advice on tips to visit the Gateway Arch.

The City Museum

CityMuseum St Louis

Photo Credit: Janet

A museum in the city that is housed in the 600,000 square-foot former International Shoe Company with the eclectic mixture of children’s playground, funhouse, surrealistic pavilion, and architectural marvel made out of unique, found objects? We are definitely there! The bonus is with a location in downtown area near the Arch, it’s a perfect location for our short visit in St. Louis when we have limited time in the city.

Citygarden Sculpture Park

CityGarden St Louis

Photo Credit: Ron,Ron,Ron

A quick stop at this oasis in the downtown seems like a good idea. The Citygarden is a green space blends art, architecture and functions into a park that the whole family can enjoy. We love visiting parks with unique characters like the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle and we are looking forward to checking out the sculptures in the Citygarden park as well. Plus reading Jodi from about the Citygarden, Mr. Z already pointed out and said ‘I wanna see that!’

The Magic House

Magic House St Louis

Photo Credit: tafkabecky

I have read a couple reviews on the Magic House children museum and from what I gathered this place is HUGE. So we will probably visit knowing that we won’t be able to do everything and see all the exhibits. It’s a bit further from downtown but we will have car so it’s not so hard to get to. I hope the kids will leave without fuss even if we can’t see the whole place. Mara from has a great review post on Magic House.

The Saint Louis Zoo

Saint Louis Zoo

Photo Credit: tojosan

This highly recommended place to visit with kids are St. Louis long time resident Sarah from Wandering Off is a good stamp of approval for us. We put this on the list but might have to see if we will have enough time to visit this trip or for our future trip. The best part about this zoo? FREE admission for all. For budget family travel, this is probably the best part. But free admission doesn’t mean you will get dingy zoo. The Saint Louis Zoo is a well-maintained zoo with many family-friendly activities for kids as well.