Sugar Overload

Halloween Pumpkin

How did everyone do on this Halloween?

It was very cold and wet for us but it didn’t bother the kids a bit. They were more than ready.

Halloween Z Outfit

Mr. Z had been wearing his outfit for a few days already. We started out our trick-or-treating a day earlier. My office hosted a trick-or-treat event for employees’ children. We took them to walk around mommy & daddy office (Yes, Mr. Rojo and I work in the same office but different groups).

They had a blast and I think it was one of the favorite part that they look forward to every year.

Halloween J Cat girl

Then, the day of was a bit of a let down. The weather was gloomy all day. And it was raining a bit in the evening. But it wasn’t as bad so we braved the rain and went out.

Our subdivision was fairly new at about 4 years old. Each year there are more and more kids. It’s what make trick-or-treating in our neighborhood fun. You will see the first wave of younger kids knocking and trick-or-treating.

Then the second wave would normally be bigger kids who were too cool to go out too early. Even with a lot of kids in our neighborhood, we still have WAY TOO MUCH candies!!!

Halloween Running

Luckily, my group of friends are working on sending extra candies to our troop. I jump on to this great opportunity as we have Mr. Rojo’s cousin who is serving right now. The kids were so happy to send their candies to their uncle and his friends who are fighting for our country. So if you are looking for a way to get rid off those extra candies, find local family who has a family member serving. I’m sure they will appreciate this small gesture.

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  1. What a great idea to send the extra candy to the troop. We will do that too.

  2. Aw, look at those adorable kiddies! I love that sweet kitty cat girl. We had better weather than you, but our children are older — so you’ve got more fun years of trick-or-treating than we have left. That’s something I’ll MISS later. :)

  3. ADORABLE kiddos!! :)

  4. Thanks for the idea, I hadn’t thought of sending candy to the troops. And speaking of troops, I love the storm trooper outfit and kitty cat. The kids look like the weather didn’t get them down. My oldest was a jedi (or Luke if you wanted to get specific). The boys are soooo into Star Wars.

  5. Melissa Johns says:

    Cute pics!

  6. What a great idea for the extra candy! Never considered that either :-) The kids were super cute btw!

  7. Beautiful kids. I was so shocked at the lack of trick or treaters this year, its not like it was when I was young, we used to take off without a care in the world. Now they have to be chaperoned.

  8. These are great photos. Our Halloween was fun too, we spent it in Asheville, NC. I wrote a post about it on BlogHer. com

  9. Seems like lots of storm troopers this year. That is a storm trooper right? Or am I getting old and out of touch???

  10. Amy, these are great photos! I especially like the awesome pumpkin carving – that’s a biggie! Yes, my kids wore their costumes in advance as well. For this age, Halloween can always be recycled for daily dress-up, which at least rationalizes the costumes a bit. Take care!

  11. Glad that your kids got to enjoy a day with costumes and candy! Here is Japan, we missed out!

  12. luxury hotels in Canary Islands says:

    Funny pictures. Second the best

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