Ski Beech Mountain Resort: Great for Family Ski Trip near Atlanta

Ski Beech Mountain with Kids: Beech Mountain Resort, NC

Beech Mountain Resort is one of the popular ski resorts in North Carolina that is within driving distance from Atlanta. Our family loves to go skiing. But living in the Southeast makes it more difficult and less ideal to have family ski trip on a regular basis. So we took opportunity on skiing in North Carolina area as much as we can. Ski Beech Mountain is a good option for family ski trip from Atlanta area.

Quaint Ski Village atop Beech Mountain


Ski Beech Mountain with Kids: Beech Mountain Town, NC


Beech Mountain town which is named ‘Eastern America’s Highest Town’ is a picturesque town with snow covered trees lining the road leading up the mountain. It truly feels like a winter wonderland once we have reach the top of the mountain. This small town offers not just a great winter getaway with snow sports like skiing or snowboarding but also other activities like snowshoeing and sledding hill.

Ski Fun for Kids and First Timer


Ski Beech Mountain with Kids: Beech Mountain Ski resort

Ski at Beech Mountain resort is fun especially those who ski for the first time or still learning how to ski. (ahem.. like myself). The short slope allows me to be able to slowly make my way downhill without the fear of getting stuck on the trail. We were lucky to ski on such a beautiful day or as our mountain host said ‘It’s a 4 or 5 golf balls day’.

Ski Beech Mountain with Kids: Beech Mountain Resort, NC

The perfect temperature on the sunny day provides us the beautiful blue sky with clear view. Mr. Z and I were part of the media group after filled out the form we were suited up with our ski boots and ski in no time. I would think that during the holiday weekend it will probably be busier than this. Plan to arrive early to beat the crowd.

Ski Beech Mountain with Kids- Ski rental

Miss J and Mr. Rojo arrived later but still early enough to be one of the first one to purchase lift tickets so they didn’t have to wait long to get their ski rental before they were on their way up the lift to the green slope.

Mr. Z and I signed up for a semi-private lesson for one hour. It was a good review on what to do for me since this was our first ski of the season. We stayed at the school yard area and used the J-bar to get up the hill for practice a few times for our turns and stops. In the future, I will probably enroll in private lesson for Mr. Z because his skill is clearly outpace me (thanks to ski school at Keystone resort last year) and he felt that it was something he has already known. It would probably be more beneficial if the coach will take him on the real slope for a more challenging lesson.

The school yard area is not only for skiers in class but beginners can also use the bunny slope to learn and get acquainted to ski. I like the fact that they have 2 separate lines for J-bar. One for people in class since they have limited time so it allows them to move along much faster than if everyone wait in line.

Food Options at Beech Mountain


Ski Beech Mountain with Kids: Fred's restaurant

The Alpine Village in Beech Mountain resort provides a few options for dining from cafeteria style at the View Haus where you can get a quick bite or sit down style at the Beech Tree bar and grill that provide the full menu option for those who look for a break after a long day of skiing.

Also if you are willing to drive, just right outside the entrance of Beech Mountain resort is the Famous Fast Eddie’s Chicago style hot dogs & deli that offers authentic Chicago style hot dog. Or for a bit longer drive (no more than 5 more minutes), Fred’s Backside deli offers lunch menu as well. We truly love their breakfast. It’s a great way to start the day.

For more budget-friendly option, you can also pack lunch to save both time and money. Also check out our tips on ways to save on family ski trip.

Overall, we had a great ski trip and already plan to go back again over the long weekend. It’s not ideal for experienced skiers looking for more challenges but it’s perfect for this scary cat skier. :)

 Do you plan to go skiing this season? Where will you go?

Thank you Beech Mountain for providing our family with complimentary accommodation and ski tickets during our stay.

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  1. Wow, those trees look beautiful dusted in snow. And how do you get your son to look at a camera AND not pull a silly face? I’m impressed!

    That beginners area looks great – big, wide and flat! I’m a huge fan of going slowly and staying in control when you are just learning. Mainly cause I’m a complete fraidy cat. My kids were zipping past me on the slope in minutes when we were just learning – sure I can turn better than them but speed wise I can’t keep up.

    • It took several shots before I get this one, Tracy. :) Oh! the beauty of digital photography.

      I’m the same way. I’m afraid of speed so this ski sport thing is really out of my comfort zone but my kids love it. Oh! Things we do for our kids. :)

  2. I had no idea that there was skiing in North Carolina – looks like a great hill for beginners!!

    • It’s nothing fancy and like you said ‘it’s a great HILL’ for beginners like our family. :) Expert skiers probably won’t even bother with this area but it’s a great option for family who want to try out and introduce ski for their family without selling the first born child and their left arm. ;)

  3. We are going there this weekend for the first time and this was a nice article to read in advance of our trip. Thanks!

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