Seattle With Kids: Photo Walking Tour with Shutter Tours

Seattle With Kids - Future Photography

One of our favorite things to do in Seattle during our visit to Seattle with kids is a photography walking tour with Shutter Tours company. It was one of the first activity we did soon after we arrived and it was a great decision to do it to learn about the city and got a good idea of the area. The tour costs $29 per adult with discount for kids. With 3 hours of learning about photography and the city at the same it is one of the best deal in Seattle.

Seattle With Kids - Photo Walk Shutter Tour

We met up with our tour guide and photographer, Mr. Scott at the corner near Pike Place Market. We were lucky to be the only people in our group so we basically had a personal tour guide for the whole 3 hours. As soon as we met him, we hit it off right away. His knowledge of photography techniques and city of Seattle was one of many reasons why this is a great tour to do even with kids.

Seattle With Kids - Pike Place Market Theater

Our tour started at the corner of Pike & 1st street. This tour is not one where you walk around, listen to story and that’s it. It’s a hand-on workshop walking tour. At first Mr. Scott asked about our level of photography. We had a wide range here from a semi-beginner, beginner to video user. He was very good at explaining things so all of us could understand.

We listened to a quick story about the Pike Place market and then started working on our photo. So we learned a lot about composition, exposure, and lighting. Mr. Scott listened patiently to our questions and frequently asked if we had any more questions.

Seattle With Kids - Photo Walk Tour Pike Place

Miss J was a quick learner and proof to have great eye for composition and followed rule of third quite well. She was using my old DSLR camera and I think soon she will learn to take the picture from manual mode.

Seattle With Kids - Photo Walk Tour

At the ripe young age of 7, Mr. Z enjoyed the walking tour as much as me. At first I had a reservation that this tour will be too much for them to handle. But the fun and interesting facts that we learned from Mr. Scott and frequent stops kept them entertained for hours.

Seattle With Kids - Gum wall

Yes, the tour was a walking tour so it involved a lot of walking. But kids soon forgot about the tired feet as soon as we turned around the corner to the Gum Wall. It was deemed the second germiest tourist attraction in the world! The kids were mesmerized by the sheer amount of gum that they begged us to return a few days later to add their own gum to the wall.

Seattle With Kids - Waterfront

We walked along the Post Alley, up University St to 1st Ave to the Seattle Art Museum then turn on 2nd Ave to Seneca and head down to the Waterfront on Alaskan Way. It was a long walk that probably will not be good for small children. But for school age kids, I think it’s a perfect tour. There were many breaks along the way for us to learn about taking good travel photography so kids were able to rest and also learn about picture taking at the same time.

We had wonderful during the tour and would highly recommend anyone who plan to visit Seattle. It’s a great introduction tour to the city and also great lesson about photography as well.

Family Tips:

  • Give kids their own camera so they will be able to learn and enjoy taking pictures during the tour as well.
  • Dress in layer because the weather can change quite frequently in Seattle. The tour is on rain or shine. Also don’t forget a good walking shoe. This is a walking tour after all.
  • Bring extra snacks and drinks for kids. The tour is 3 hours long so they will get hungry eventually.

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Disclosure: We received media discount rate for the tours from Shutter Tours. But all opinion and positive expression are my own. I would have done this tour with or without the discount.

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I am glad the kids enjoyed it too. I have to wonder though…fthe gum wall is only the second germiest attraction, what on earth is the first? Ewww!

  2. That is such a great idea. My kids would love taking a walk that involved photography.

  3. What a terrific idea! Why don’t they offer that in all big cities?

    • I think they are slowly expanding. I wonder if there is similar kind of tour in other big cities. I know the owner is very involved so probably it will take them a while to expand. They just recently offer more tours with their own bus as a day trip to the waterfall.

  4. Love this, Amy. Kids are surprisingly great photographers, aren’t they? Thanks for sharing!

  5. Seems like a lot of fun for the kids and the family! Im not sure if I would want to be around the gum wall however. The kids look like that have a lot of fun with their own camera.

    People actually hang over a cliff and kiss the wall? Thats just nasty!


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