Our Trip to Macua and Hong Kong

This year we will not be going back to Thailand since we just went there last year (Feb 2007). But it seems like a lifetime ago that I went back. With a family of 4, it’s very difficult (financially mostly) to make a trip every year. I would love for my kids to be able to go back every year to see my mom, my sister, my brothers and their cousins (2 so far and 1 on the way). All my family members are in Thailand so that’s why I make it my goal that we will be going back at least once every two years.

Last year trip was a blast. We made a plan to have a small trip within that trip to also visit Hong Kong and Macau. My sister and my brother took care of all the arrangement with the tour company from Thailand. It was probably the good idea for us since it was like a family reunion trip with all ages range from 60 something to about 6 months old. So having a tour guide that provides transportation, accomodation and food made the trip more manageable.

We spent our first night in Macau. With the jet lag and small kids, we didn’t go explore too much. I think it’s one of the place for more adults than kids. Also one thing that hinder my fun is smoker!! They are everywhere… In the restaurant, public place… So needless to say, I don’t plan to go back to Macau again anytime soon.

Don’t get me wrong. There are other stuffs to see around Macua as well. There are several nice architechtures from the old day during Portugal influence.

Ruinas de Sao Paulo is the old ruin of St. Paul church. It has some history behind it but when you traveled with 2 young kids with less than 5 hours sleep then the history went out the window. So just search online to get more info for any history bluffs who want to know more.

Then there was also Largo do Senado (in which we visited at night). It was at the square with a lot of historic building. We went there during Chinese New Year so we got the good advantage of the decoration. The Chinese New Year is probably one of the most celebrated for Chinese people.

And you can’t talk about Macau without mentioning Casino. Macau is considered the Vegas of Asia. The casino here is as fancy and as big as in Vegas. But I think the people who come here are different. Vegas has both true gamblers and tourists. But in Macau it seems to be serious business here. We didn’t get into the casino because I can’t tolerate the smoke. But we did walk along the street to take in all the lights and unique structures. Everything in Macau is built based on the belief of Feng Shui. There are stories about how each building is designed in order to utilize the belief to bring in the most money.

By the way, traveling with tour guide has one downside. We tend to not paying attention on where you stay and where you eat or even where you go. After some digging, I just remember the name of the hotel that we stayed in Macau. It’s the Golden Dragon Casino. It’s right in front of the Fisherman Wharf. Very nice area…
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