Mr. Rojo’s return to the Greens of Myrtle Beach

For all the Q Family Followers out there, you don’t usually hear from me, Mr. Rojo.  I usually like to stay in the background.  You’ve probably read the great posts of skiing in Colorado.  With those stories and the cold winter, you might want something to warm you up.  Here’s a post of my trip to Myrtle Beach, SC that I took.

Myrtle Beach, SC is well known for it’s well groomed golf courses.  It is the Nexus for all golfers to test their golf skills on professionally designed golf courses.  Yes, I love to play golf but I have only been to experience Myrtle Beach Golf one time in my life many moons ago when life was simpler and the days seemed longer.  When my good friend called and invited me for a trip to Myrtle Beach, I had to say yes even without the family CFO’s approval.  Luckily, I didn’t get into too much trouble for my impulsive behavior.

On our Dude’s Most Excellent Golfing Adventure, we planned to play three golf courses with the best course saved for last.  Oh.. and maybe we could run into Natalie Gulbis… For my friend. Not me.. because I’m a happily married man writing on my wife’s blog…  The last course we played was Wild Wing Plantation’s 27 hole course.  When we were younger, we probably  would have played all 27, but in our current state of easily pulled back muscles, we only played 18.  On this day, we were to tackle the Avocet course on Wild Wing Plantation.  It proved to be a tough track with rolling hills and hidden traps and water.  I’m not going to mention my score due to embarassment and besides, I think I stopped keeping score after the second snow man.  That’s a score of 8 for you non-golfers.

I had mentioned that I had visited Myrtle Beach when I was younger single man.  The only thing that I noticed was the golf and the beaches..  Oh.. and the bright neon lights of the T-Shirt shops.  This time around I saw Myrtle Beach through the eyes of a family man and noticed that there are a lot of family friendly things to do in Myrtle Beach like Broadway On The Beach and NASCAR Speed Park.

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