San Diego With Kids: Legoland California

Legoland California

Me: Guess where we are going in San Diego?

Mr. Z: Where?

Me: Legoland

Mr. Z: Squeak… Squeal… Jump… and start it all over again

That’s the reaction I got when we first told him we will be visiting Legoland in San Diego.

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about Legoland at first. I have read mixed reviews from parents that the park might be more for younger kids. But boy!! were they wrong!

Legoland by far is one of our kids’ favorite theme park.

The Little Park That Could

One of the thing that I was hugely mistaken was how much time we will spend at the park. See! We have done Disney countless times so I thought we could probably enjoy Legoland in half a day and have enough time to visit their new Aquarium next door.

Christmas Tree in Legoland

Big mistake! We arrive a little bit after 11 am so that should give us plenty of time, right? Wrong! There are just so many fun rides and attractions for kids (umm.. and adults) to do. I mean just walking around and admiring the amazing lego creation will take us hours.

Plus there are more rides that my kids can enjoy even with height requirement.

They must be parents with kids

I love little things that make our visit enjoyable like the waiting area for kid while parents wait in line.

Basically, during a long line Legoland has a special section that looks like a play area equips with what else but Lego tables with lots of legos for kids to play while the parents stand in line. Then when the parents get closer to the on the ride they can meet their kids.

Waiting area in Legoland

No fuzzy and whinnying kids in a long line. Genius!!

Why didn’t I see more of that from other parks.

Big Kids, Little Kids

I should have studies the map more thoroughly so we would start of in the right direction. Miss J tried to tell me but I was too busy taking picture. :)

Map of Legoland

For younger kids in their toddler years, I would suggest to turn right and start counter clockwise once you get in the park. There are more rides for their age range

For older kids, the left turn is the way to go. The Castle Hills and the Adventure Land are full of fun roller coaster rides and excitement for them.

Prepare for Some Sweat

Yes, we went there during November. But there are few attractions that you will have to work out that muscles. I’m not complaining because it was a great way for family to work together as a team.

Fun Town in Legoland

The highlight of attractions with some fitness built-in has to be the Fun Town Fire Academy. Get ready for some bicep workout.

The Low Point

The low point of the day was that we didn’t have enough time to enjoy Legoland as much as we like. So I’m pretty sure that we will come back to visit them in the future. Maybe Spring or Summer time might be better bet so we could take advantage of many water funs around the park.

We basically skipped the whole Pirate section because there are too many water attractions.

Stay tune for our kids’ pick on their favorite rides and attractions from Legoland.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary tickets from Legoland California. However, this post is based solely on my experience and my opinion without any outside influence.

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  1. Awesome… have to make our way there the next time we are in SD. My dtr would love this place…

  2. Thanks for the tip on which way to start. We look forward to going soon. Good to have a strategy from an experienced mom. I look forward to the kids’ reviews.

  3. Oh man, Legoland is so much fun! I’m thrilled that you and your family got to enjoy it… especially now, while your children are young enough to still appreciate it.

  4. It sounds amazing, I’d be thrilled just to see the wonderful lego sculptures. The Christmas tree in the photo is a work of art!

  5. Amy, I’m trying to plan for San Diego. Do you think visiting Legoland and the Aquarium is reasonable in one day? Should I plan the Aquarium for a whole separate day? Is the Aquarium within the park?

  6. I’m so glad you all had a great time! I wish we had visited Legoland while there. We will certainly have to visit if we ever make it back to SD.

  7. We’re hoping to visit San Diego next summer. I’ll definitely add Legoland to our list! Looks like fun.

  8. Cool! The kids must have had a fantastic time. Wouldn’t mind visiting there myself.

  9. What a great trip for the lego lovers! My son has just recently really gotten into legos and he would love this!

  10. I was bummed that we were staying right by the park while in Carlsbad for a wedding and didn’t have time to go! But we’ve been to the original Legoland in Denmark, and it’s out of this world.

  11. @Lora : I think it will depend on your pace. For us, I think Legoland will need a full day so you might want to set aside another day for the Aquarium. However, the Aquarium is literally right next to the Legoland. It’s to the right of the legoland when you exit from the main entrance. I didn’t have a chance to visit and see how big the place is.

  12. You inspired me to do a post this week on our trip to Legoland too. Such an ideal venue for young kids. Our 6-year-old was in absolute heaven and can’t wait to go back.

  13. Okay- I hate to be a party pooper but we weren’t nearly as impressed with Legoland. I thought all the mini-land cities were really cool but for the most part I just wasn’t impressed with the rides and thought it was really over priced. We live less than an hour from the park and I can’t see us going back. I am glad you enjoyed yourself though. I guess we must just be Disney people…

  14. Of all the amusement parks, this one sounds like the most fun to me. It’s amazing what they can do with all those little legos!

  15. The tree is amazing! I never cease to be amazed with what they can do with Legos these days. I loved Legos as a kid, but we never saw such great creations then. These must really spark the kids’ imaginations.

  16. Good call on not going to Pirate Shores. I always get my bottom wet on that Cannon Battle ride and complain about it the rest of the day. :)
    And don’t worry too much about missing the Aquarium, it’s not a big deal.

  17. Wow, who knew that there was so much to do at legoland. That Christmas tree is amazing. Miss J is adorable. This makes me want to break out the lego next year and decorate at Christmas with Lego:) Easy to clean and you can change it up daily.

  18. DYING to take my kids to Legoland. They’re at the perfect age!

    As for your friends going to Vail, the majority of the local grocery stores always have discount tickets. Or also have them start searching online right now.


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