Hong Kong With Kids: Family Guide to Things to Do with Kids in Hong Kong

For many families who live in Asia, Hong Kong is one of the top destination when thinking about family vacation or even just shopping trip. With the easy access from various flights from many major cities in Asia, visiting Hong Kong is easy and convenient. Plus with first class hotels, efficient public transportation, wide range of activities and sleepless shopping areas, Hong Kong is a great destination for family vacation.

As we prepare our summer trip this year to visit Thailand, I stalked the popular low-cost airline, AirAsia, for any promotion I can find from Thailand. And my effort didn’t go in vain, I scored a great airfare ticket for less than $60 RT from Thailand to Macau. Now, that we had tickets in hand, it’s time to plan for fun things to do with kids in Hong Kong.

Things to Do in Hong Kong with Kids

This list is created selfishly for our family so you might not see many popular attractions that you have read from Lonely Planet or other guide book. One of the reason is this is not our first trip to Hong Kong. Actually, our first trip to Hong Kong was the starting point of me creating this blog. So our itinerary might not be typical. But I will add other recommendation at the end of this post.

Hong Kong Disneyland

One of the most popular attraction in Hong Kong for family is Hong Kong Disneyland. Being a Florida resident for over 10 years and even after we moved to Atlanta we still continue to visit Walt Disney World on a yearly basis, it doesn’t seem to make sense to visit Disneyland in Hong Kong, does it? I know the park might not be the same scale but I would love to experience Disneyland in other locations. I would love to see how Disney creates magical memories for different cultures and couldn’t wait to try Chinese food Disney style.

Ngong Ping 360

A fun way to enjoy breathtaking view of Hong Kong and Kowloon area from the bird’s eye view angle in the enclosed glass cable car. We did it on our last trip but the kids were too young to remember and we think they will really enjoy the opportunity again. For thrill seeker, you can also opt for the glass bottom car to add to the experience. It will cost more but the wait will be shorter as well.

Peak Tram

Having a child who loves to ride any train and his eyes lighted up whenever he sees train, I knew that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the Victoria peak on the Peak Tram. Located at at Central’s Garden Road St Joseph Building, it’s easily accessible from Central’s Star Ferry Pier, take bus 15C; or from Central’s Admiralty Station Exit B, Lippo Centre Bus Terminus and take bus 12S; or if you like to walk, you can exit Central’s MTR Station from Exit J2, walk along Garden Road which is in between The Bank of China building and The Cheung Kong Centre. The walk to the tram station only takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

Ding Ding Tram

As I move down the list of things to do in Hong Kong, I realized that it seems we have some obsession with transportation. I won’t deny it. We love to move around in the city using public transportation or anything that moves. So after reading about the Hong Kong tram or Ding Ding tram as local called it, I know I will have to add that to our to-do list. Riding local tram seems like a great way to experience Hong Kong in a more unique way and provide us a chance to explore into the area that most tourists won’t go. Plus with a low cost, it’s a win in our book.

Symphony of Lights @ Avenue of Stars

The Avenue of Stars is the equivalent of Hong Kong owned version of Hollywood boulevard where it honors celebrities of Hong Kong film industry. It’s located along the waterfront of the Victoria Harbour waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui (on the Kowloon side). It’s also a perfect location to walk at night and catch the Symphony of Lights show. This synchronized light and laser multimedia show runs everyday at 8PM for 10 minutes.

Victoria Harbor with Star Ferry Ride

A cheap but fun way to see Hong Kong in a more unique way is to take the Star Ferry ride across the Victoria Harbour. If we time it right, we might be able to catch the Symphony of Lights during the ride. I told you this trip will be all about every modes of transportation in Hong Kong. Another option is to ride on the Duk Ling – the authentic Chinese junk boat. The cost will be higher but for less than $15 I think it is worth the experience.

Lady Night Market

Our experience in Hong Kong will not be completed if we don’t visit at least one of many popular markets in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the shopping capital in Asia. Many of my friends and families go there just to shop. So even if we don’t want to spend money buying toys or souvenir, it is still a great experience to walk along the bustling market at night.

So here is our short list of things we plan to do in Hong Kong with our kids. There are many other fun attractions and family-friendly things to do in Hong Kong that you might want to check out. I found that the Hong Kong Tourism Board website – Discover Hong Kong has a great information, well designed and easy to navigate.


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  1. Amy @WorldschoolAdventuers says:

    Great list! We are hoping to go to HK in September. Can’t wait to see and explore the city!

  2. love the place,.. plan to have a trip in hongkong, it’s my first time there and don’t have an idea where to go, thanks for sharing, =)


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