Travel Photo: The Gum Wall at Market Theatre, Seattle

Seattle Gum Wall near Pike Place market

This could be the coolest place to visit or the most disgusting place to visit depends on how you view it. The Gum Wall at Pike Place Market is an attraction worth visiting in our book. It’s hidden down the valley next to Pike Place Market in Seattle.

During our Photo walking tour in Seattle, it’s one of the stop and actually a fun place to photograph.

Seattle Gum Wall at Market Theatre

The wall is part of the box office for the Market Theatre. The box office is still operating. So just imagine buying a ticket from that box office.

Seattle Gum Wall at Market Theatre

This local landmark is fun for kids to check out but make sure they won’t touch it as it’s one of the top 5 germiest tourist attraction.

Seattle Gum Wall: Seattle with kids

Mr. Z wants to go back and still asks about it once in a while. Miss J, as you can see, was not that fond of the wall.

So have you been to this local landmark in Seattle? What do you think?

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  1. I think it looks gross, but my daughter is sitting next to me and think it looks cool. We’re headed to Seattle this summer. We might have to check it out.

    • I think so too. But for kids I guess they think it’s the coolest thing. My son still wants to go back to be able to put the gum on the wall himself because we didn’t allow them to do that! Have fun in Seattle this summer. We can’t wait to go back again.

  2. I have heard so much about this gum wall but sadly missed it during our last visit. My daughter and I would probably have the same reaction as Miss J. :) Great photos and love how you captured the gum up close.

    • We probably wouldn’t be able to find it ourselves if it wasn’t for the photo tour we took. It’s so close to the Pike Place public market but it’s in the alley way that a bit hidden. :)

  3. I’m sure that I would react in the exact same way as your daughter – the gum wall is disgusting!!

  4. I couldn’t even look at your pictures without cringing so I think it’s a good thing we missed it on our trip to Seattle. :) While I think it’s disgusting, I’m sure my teenagers would love to contribute to the gum wall.

  5. As a resident of Seattle for several years now, I’m embarrassed (?) to say I haven’t visited the gum wall yet–even though we live in the city & are downtown quite a bit! I’ll have to make a point of walking over next time we are at the market. I’m with most of the crowd above along with your daughter, pretty gross! At the same time, looks like it would be fascinating to look at…from afar!

    • Oh, don’t feel embarrassed, Kate! I have done the same thing with our own home town in Atlanta. Sometimes, we just put exploring our own backyard in the back burner. Plus I’m sure you have many other fun things to do in Seattle. Love visiting and we can’t wait to get back there again.

  6. That’s incredibly gross. But filing it away in my mind for next time we visit Seattle….

  7. Wow – that is disgustingly cool!

  8. :) That’s a good way to put it! :)

  9. I’m with Miss J! Not a fan of other people’s used gum. But I do give you credit for capturing some very cool shots.

  10. Oh no no no no. Not for me. Totally gross. I would probably gag just looking at it.

  11. When we went to Pikes Place Market a few years ago, I conveniently “forgot” to tell my kids about it. I’m too much of a germaphobe. I’m sure my kids would have wanted to make a contribution to the wall.

  12. Yuuuuuckkkkk!! I’d love to take my kids there and watch their little faces recoil…. amazing spot. A delightful bit of armchair travelling for me.

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