Fun Things to Do with Kids in Huntsville, Alabama

Ok.. It’s a confession time. I feel a bit unmotivated to update the blog lately. Guess you guys know from the infrequent update recently. We did have a great summer with so many trips far beyond my expectation. But all the traveling seems to wear me out. I even swore of traveling for a while.

However, I guess travel soul die hard. We are at it again but this time it will be just for a quick weekend trip to Huntsville, Alabama.

Why Huntsville?

Huntsville has a nickname as ‘The Rocket City’ because it has the U.S. Space and Rocket Center there and that’s where we want to go for this trip. It’s not just the Space Center though because right now they have the traveling ‘Star Wars’ exhibits.

And needless to say, we HAVE to go there. Mr. Rojo is a HUGE fan of Star Wars and he proudly raises Mr. Z to be another little Jedi in a making. The kid can name all the ships from the Star Wars collection so I know he will be so ecstatic once we get there. We will keep that a secret about the exhibit and can’t wait to see his face.

I can’t just go to Huntsville without checking out other fun things to do with kids. So here are family friendly things you can do in Huntsville for a quick weekend getaway.

1. U.S. Space and Rocket Center – The main attraction for the Huntsville especially for school aged kids. The U.S. Space and Rocket Center also provides space camp for kids and parents. It’s something I might consider when they are a bit older. For now, they have one of the coolest exhibit (at least for a big Star Wars fans)

2. Sci-Quest – A hand-on science center with more than 100 permanent, interactive exhibits in seven different subject areas. Unlike a typical “museum,” Sci-Quest’s exhibits are designed to engage, educate and entertain.

3. Huntsville Botanical Garden – The Huntsville Botanical Garden has the largest seasonal butterfly house with over 2,000 butterflies, tadpoles, frogs and other critters. The Children Garden and the Tremendous Treehouses are sure going to be a big hit for the kids.

4. Cathedral Cave – Not exactly in Huntsville downtown but only a short drive and we will be able to explore one of the wonder in nature. The Cathedral Cave is part of Alabama State Park and is located about 40 minutes East of Huntsville. We have never been to a big cave before so I’m looking forward to taking the kids and let them experience the beautiful formation that Mother Nature has created.

5. Earlyworks Museums Complex – With the options of Constitution Village for history buff kids, Children’s History Museum for the hand-on, interactive kids, or Huntsville Depot & Museum for all-things-move kids, it’s sure a good pick for the whole family. And if you have your local family membership to your Children Museum and they participate in the reciprocal program with ACM then you are in luck because you can get in for free.

6. Unclaimed Baggage Center – Now, that we spend most of our itinerary for kids entertainment, I have to put in a stop for moms. Since the Unclaimed Baggage Center will be on our way without any detour, it’s only appropriate that we stop by and *check* them out. It’s the Lost Treasures of Travelers around the world – sounds like a great bargain hunting place for me.

That’s probably will pack our weekend to the brim. But please feel free to leave a comment if you know of other fun things to do with kids that are not on this list.

Huntsville Things To Do

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  1. Don’t worry about the lack of motivation – in a little bit you’ll be back into it when the kids go back to school, right? I’m feeling a bit worn down, too. The summer heat in China is kind of draining our energy and the internet is so lousy here that I haven’t been able to comment on people’s posts or do anything on Twitter or Facebook either. Yuck!

    Anyway, I love Huntsville and it sounds like y’all had a great time there! I’ve never heard of the Unclaimed Baggage Center. What an awesome idea!

    • Thanks, Akila!

      I hope back-to-school will put us back to more routine as well. :) I totally hear you about the energy to comment on others’ posts. I still have my reader at 1,000+. :)

  2. I loved your ideas and would like to add one. Burritt on the Mountain is Huntsville’s first museum. It consists of the Burritt Mansion, Hiking Trails and a Historic Park depicting life in our area during the 1800’s. The Historic Park includes homes brought here and restored to their original condition. They are furnished with antiques and reproductions that are period correct to each house. We have interpreters in period dress replicating what one would be doing on a farm in this area. We even have a barnyard with animals that would have lived and worked on a farm.
    We have festivals, concerts, weddings, camps and lots more. I am attaching a Youtube web address that shares some kids using a sluice to pan for gemstones. Check it out!

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  5. Harry Disuja says:

    Great Information, Thanks For Sharing It, I also Was planning to visiting Alabama Attractions with my family, I think it was an awesome place for vacations with family.

  6. Hey don’t feel unmotivated. Its okay if you update after long time. Your idea about traveling with kids is awesome. I like it. I love traveling and I am planning to go huntsville in this vacation with family. Thank you for sharing your experience.


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