Dreaming of: Amsterdam with Kids


Oh.. Amsterdam.. where do I start? It’s one of the city that on my list for our Europe trip that I have been planning. We want to be able to go there in a couple years.

The first thought that came to Mr. Rojo’s mind is of course the “coffee shop” and the redlight district. So he questioned if it will be family-friendly city to visit with kids. I have read several posts and reviews and found that on the contrary, Amsterdam is highly recommended for family with children.



I’m dreaming of renting a house boat and spend the morning sitting on the porch watching life happening along the canal.



I’m dreaming of visiting the Keukenhof in Spring and being mesmerized by the beauty of the colorful tulips. But if we can’t get there by Spring, I’m dreaming of checking out the flower market along the canal or take a day trip to check out the flower auction.

I’m dreaming of renting a bike and putting on our helmet and setting off around town to check out little hidden gems that might not be in any travel guide. After a long bike ride, we will stop by one of several parks around Amsterdam like Vondelpark to enjoy the beautiful summer and free music performance at the Open Air theatre on Sunday; or Museumplein park to take a break from museum visits.

I’m dreaming of visiting various museums – being the Rijksmuseum to see Rembrandt and Vermeer masterpieces, the Van Gogh Museum to learn about his lifework and let Miss J and Mr. Z enjoy the audio tour, or the Science Museum Nemo where the only rule is ‘please touch everything you see and explore!’. And depend on the energy level we have left, we will want to check out the Ann Frank House. It will be a great educational experience for them to learn.

I’m dreaming of cruising on the boat along the canals to see what Amsterdam has to offer or maybe renting pedal boats called ‘canal bikes’ and sweating ourselves pedaling around the canals.



I’m dreaming of taking a day trip to Zaanse Schans. We can’t go all the way to the Netherlands and not visit the working Windmills.


I have to admit. I don’t know much about the dutch food but I do know that we will have to try the famous snack ‘Vlaamse frites’ – which basically french fries with mayo. And based on WhyGoAmsterdam, the best french fries in Amsterdam is either Vleminckx Sausmeesters or Manneken Pis. For a quick bite, I might try FEBO vending machine per EuroCheapo‘s recommendation. This is not your American vending machine but a fast-food franchise in the automat style. We might also try our hand (or stomach) on Indonesian food. It might seem weird but Amsterdam has a large Indonesian population so the food there is amazing.

Now that’s my dream. Check out other travelers’ dreams at Mother of All Trips.

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  1. I love this post. I spent time in Amsterdam before I had kids and I think it would be a great destination for a family. One of my friends was just there with her two daughters (who are 11 and 7). I’m looking forward to hearing about their adventures.

    Wouldn’t it be fun to stay in a houseboat though?

  2. Allow me to dream with you. It is certainly a destination I’ve always wanted to visit. Everyone I know raves about it. And I hope to one day visit with my family.

  3. Wow–love the look of your new site! Such beautiful pictures of Amsterdam.

  4. Hi Amy
    I love Amsterdam and your photo of the barge brought back memories of the old dutch barge I lived on for three years. Great post!

  5. Amy,
    I hope you get there soon! Looks like you have everything planned out! You know, Amsterdam doesn’t exactly come to mind when I think of ‘family trip’, but now that you’ve presented this trip ‘dossier’, you actually have changed my mind! Of course!! Amsterdam is such a great city for kids! Duh!!

  6. We LOVED Amsterdam! We took our 10m old and felt like it was one of the most accommodating and welcoming places for traveling with children in Europe. You will love it!

  7. I loved Anne Franks House. I highly recommend going there. You also have to rent a bike and ride along the canals. The thing I like about Amsterdam is that everything is contained. You don’t have to go to the red light district and you don’t have to enter a coffee house. The red light district had a lot of kids walking around in it though. We found it kind of funny, but nobody seemed to mind and I felt perfectly safe. We never went to a coffee house and didn’t see anybody smoking out in the open. We see more pot here in Toronto. It is not overly policed here in Canada. Have fun Planning!

  8. Hi Amy,
    Spot on! Think you’ve covered everything! I can definitely recommend staying on a houseboat. It’s awesome and perfect for a family. The kids (and you!) will LOVE the Vlaamse Frites. I’m not so sure about the canal bikes though. In the summer the canals are packed with canal cruise boats and other leisure boats and it can be a harrowing experience pedalling around the canals avoiding the larger boats. Besides, it’s hard work. Much easier to take a canal cruise and walk around.


  9. I have just found your travel blog site and am astonished at what a beautiful job you do. Amsterdam sounds great, wish I could take my 12 yo son and my 2 yo grandson. This is what I want to do when I retire. My 64 yo mom said that she wants me (and my brood) to go travelling with her someday.

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