Dreaming of Alaska with Kids

Alaska With Kids: Denali National Park

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To tell you the truth, I haven’t thought much about Alaska until last year. It seems so many forces from all directions trying to nudge me to take notice of this vast land.

It all started from my in-laws cruise trip to Alaska. Then I started to see many of my fellow travel bloggers wrote about their trips to Alaska.

The Land of Many Adventures

At first I heard about Dave & Deb at The Planet D‘s trip on Princess Cruise. Oh.. I couldn’t tell you how much I enjoyed following their trips from their excursions in Skagway, the whale watching in Juneau or a visit to Denali National Park.

On the same cruise, Beth from The Vacation Gals also wrote about her experience that made me ooz.. ahhh.. the whole time I was reading them.

That would have been more than enough to entice me to start taking Alaska seriously. Then to find out that Kara and Jen, the other 2 authors of The Vacation Gals were also on the path to Alaska on 2 different press trips, was just too much to handle.

It was so nice to learn that ‘Yes’ Alaska is family-friendly and can be a great family vacation. It was something that I have heard differently from other people. So it’s nice to see Kara and her family had a great time in this Alaska family cruise.

I was so glad to read about their honest comparison on 3 different cruise trips to Alaska. It was a great post to use for my future research.
Travel Alaska
So today, as I participate in Mara’s Mondays Dreaming, I’m dreaming of my Alaska vacation. I don’t know when this will happen yet but I know I have a good resources to start scheming and planning. Plus I already sign up to receive a  Travel Alaska book . I can’t wait to start flip through and dream about it!

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  1. I hope you make it to Alaska soon, Amy!

  2. Alaska is on my list as well. My mother would love to go so we are entertaining the thought of an Alaskan cruise family reunion of sorts!

  3. Cruises are nice, but seeing it by land is really awesome! We stayed in Anchorage last year and took car trips to Denali & Prince William Sound. Really incredible scenery, friendly people, lots to see & do.

  4. Sometimes I feel like everyone I know has been to Alaska but me! I definitely am with you on this one Amy. And thanks for sharing all these great resources.

  5. Would love to visit Alaska as well one day, must be such an amazing place to explore. Hope you make it to Alaska soon :)

  6. I want to go to Alaska too! We have some military friends who live up there, and their facebook pictures always make me jealous. Well, almost always…not so much in the middle of winter. ;)

  7. We’re dreaming of Alaska too! I’m very hopeful that we’ll travel there in the next 2-3 years!

  8. I hope you make it, Amy (and I hope that I do some day too!) I watched a documentary about Alaska last night and it was fascinating.

  9. May your dream turns out to be true soon and you spend a memorable trip to Alaska

  10. Hey Amy. It’s been a bit since I have stopped by and what a pleasant surprise. Thank you so much for mentioning us! Yes, Alaska was incredible. It is kid friendly and we would go back in a heartbeat. We don’t have kids, but we are kids at heart:-) Let’s hope you get there soon!


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