Disney With Kids: Good Eat @ Yak & Yeti Restaurant in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

Disney's Animal Kingdom: Yak & Yeti Restaurant

When we visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom park on our recent trip to Walt Disney World, one of the must-do on our list was to ride the Expedition Everest. As we walked along the path to the Expedition Everest area, the smell from Yak & Yeti restaurant was so enticing. It was so good we almost made a quick turn to the restaurant right away. It was almost lunch time and our stomach reminded us all that THIS was a place to enjoy our lunch.

Disney's Animal Kingdom: Yak & Yeti Restaurant review

However, knowing that we would be on a roller coaster soon, we determined to push along the path to Everest. It was the hardest thing we had to do that day to walk past the inviting aroma.

It was a great decision on our part because once we got back from the ride it was late afternoon and there was relatively short wait to be seated.

An indoor, air-conditioned restaurant was a perfect choice for us especially on the hot day. In the past we had always battled the crowd and heat to have lunch at Tamu Tamu Refreshments – Harambe because we thought it was the cheapest alternative and the quickest.

But after experiencing Yak & Yeti restaurant, I have found a new dining option in this huge park.

Disney's Animal Kingdom: Yak & Yeti Restaurant Menu

Yes, at first glance at the menu the price is not what I will call affordable. However, after studying (yes, studying) a menu, I found that there were ways to enjoy the meal without shelling out $20 per person. Here are my tips.

Disney's Animal Kingdom: Yak & Yeti Restaurant Kids Menu

1. Let Kids Share the Kids’ Meal – Miss J & Mr. Z were not big eaters. So I knew that they would be satisfied with sharing a meal. We ordered chicken bites with a side of chicken fried rice. Miss J took care of the fried rice and Mr. Z enjoyed the chicken bites.

Disney's Animal Kingdom: Yak & Yeti Restaurant Veggie

2. Get 2 side dishes to make a meal – I ordered 2 side dishes of Stir-Fried Vegetables and Steam rice to make a great meal for under $9 while the cheapest entree on the menu is $16.99.

Disney's Animal Kingdom: Yak & Yeti Restaurant Burger

3. Split the adult entree – Yes, it’s pricey for an entree to cost $17-$25 but all thing considered the portion is considerably large. Unless you always eat a large portion at home, I’m pretty sure you can split the meal and everyone still has a fulfilling meal.

So if you plan to visit Animal Kingdom and don’t plan to pack your own lunch (which is probably the best way to save on dining), consider Yak & Yeti Restaurant. Mr. Rojo probably recommend you to try the Kobe Beef Burger.. Oh!! It was so tender and tasty. The size of the burger is big enough to share as well.

Disney Vacation

Disclosure: Thank you Walt Disney World for hosting our family during Disney’s Social Media Moms. We received discount hotel stays and complimentary tickets to Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. But we paid for our food ourselves and as always this post is based solely on our own experience and opinion without any no outside influence.
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  2. That food looks really YUMMY! And great tips!

  3. Splitting it is such a great idea!

  4. meals is always first on my mind whenever we leave the house. With 3 kids who seem to always be hungry we’ve learned to either come prepared with packed food and snacks or forgo some fun stuff just in order to eat out.

  5. YUUUMmm – E :)


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