Washington DC With Kids Day 4: Capitol Hill and DC by Foot

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Today was the day with great plan and great expectation. I had secured tickets for the Capitol Hill tour and planned for the evening tour of the monuments from DC by Foot. But things don’t work according to plan…

We started of early enough (or what we thought..) and hopped on the Yellow line to head to Capitol Hill. Once we arrived at the Visitor Center entrance we found out that there was a long line to go through security. Our tour time was 10:15am and now it’s 9:50am. I was hoping that they might be a little bit flexible with time.. Oh.. No.. We missed our ticket time by 5 minutes and there was nothing they can do. If we still want to do the tour, now we had to go wait in the walk-up line that can be anywhere between 30 mins-1 hour wait.

So consider yourself warned, if you have your Capitol tour, be early!


DC with Kids- Capitol Tour-1


Since we didn’t have any other big plan till the evening, we decided to wait. Mr. Rojo was an ever loving dad waited in line for us while Miss J and I walked around and checked out the information room. It was a great place to spend time there. There were so many information of the House and the Senate, short movies to tell you about the history and what the Senate and the House do.. We didn’t walk around and check out everything.

I went back to check on Mr. Rojo and Mr. Z. The line was moving along but it was still a long way to go. So I took them to have a quick snack at the Capitol Hill cafeteria. It was a really nice cafeteria. I would think we probably would enjoy our lunch time there if we had a chance. But before we could even finish our snack, the fire alarm went off!!! We headed to meet up with Mr. Rojo and followed the evacuation route out of the Capitol Hill.

So that was pretty much our Captitol Hill experience. :)


DC with Kids- Capitol Tour-2

Well, it was a nice day so we took our time in front of the Capitol Hill and the Union Station park. Then we headed to the Union Station for lunch. It was crazy busy there. Too many food to pick from… After a fulfilled lunch, we decided to head back to the hotel to take a quick break before heading back to town again for our walking tour.



I found out about DC by Foot tour from the TripAdvisor forum. It was a FREE, tip based walking tour of Washington DC. The tour took us through the heart of National Mall by visiting Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, Lincoln Memorial and Korean War Memorial. It was such a great, high energy tour that was full packed with history that won’t bore you to sleep. The walk started from the corner of 15th and Constitution Ave. NW and ended at the Lincoln Memorial.

We learned a lot of fun facts like the current Washington Monument wasn’t original design. Or if you look closely, you will see 2 different color stone. That’s because the construction was stopped for a long period of time before they finished the monument.




One of the highly recommened activity is night tour of the monuments. We didn’t plan but by the time the tour ended it was already dark. But the Lincoln Memorial was still packed full of visitors. And it was breathtaking indeed! We just took it all in with all the beauty and sense of pride for the history of this country.


DC with Kids: Lincoln Memorial


It took us approximately about 2 hours for the whole tour. I highly recommended anyone who will visit DC to check them out. After the tour, we walked through George Washington University to take the Metro back to the hotel. By that time it was already dark but we felt pretty safe walking in DC. It’s one of the thing that we really love about DC. It feels very safe to walk around even at night in the downtown area. I’m sure there are certain areas that not safe but as far as the popular tourist places we have no issue there.

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  1. Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish says:

    We may be spending some time in DC this summer…haven’t been with our kids yet so this is a great post. I’ll look forward to reading your other DC posts, too.

  2. Bridget Smith says:

    I would love to take the kids to DC! Sounds like a great tour. I’ll have to keep it in mind.

  3. Angela K. Nickerson says:

    Love the photo of the Lincoln Memorial!

  4. We absolutely love Washington DC. It is one of my favorite places to visit. I blogged about our last trip here: http://twokidsandamap.blogspot.com/2009/03/five-things-to-do-in-washington-dc-with.html

    I wish that I had known about this tour when we went! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Momisodes says:

    Sounds like a wonderful trip. I would LOVE to take our family to DC and on a tour. I’ve heard the Lincoln Memorial is amazing. The idea of the night tour sounds great!

  6. Dominique says:

    It’s been years since we’ve been to DC. I remember loving the monuments at night!


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