Day Trip from Bangkok – Sri Racha Tiger Zoo

Sri Racha Tiger Zoo

For a quick day trip from Bangkok, Chon Buri is a great quick escape. Our last trip to Thailand, my sister chartered a van for our whole gang. It’s probably the best way to get around Thailand if you travel with a group of people. Our 3 families took a van on the early morning and headed to Ancient City. After lunch, we made our way East to Chon Buri for our next stop at Sri Racha Tiger Zoo.

It’s one of many attractions in Chon Buri area. We stopped by to have a quick lunch at the un-descriptive restaurant. They don’t even have a name. Just a roof with a couple tables. But as typical Thai restaurant, the food was great.

My sister went to get the tickets for all of us. We arrived late in the afternoon so the weather wasn’t that bad. The park was shaded all throughout with trees but don’t be fooled it could get hot quickly so don’t forget hats and fans.

Sri Racha Tiger Zoo - Crocodile

After a quick review on what on schedule, we headed to the Crocodile show. We sat behind the glass wall because we arrived late. If you go, get to the show a few minutes before show time for a great seat without smudge glass door to block your view. Even so, the kids enjoyed the live show and entertainment.

Next, we headed to the Tiger show. The show involved several tigers and fire ring. I didn’t know what to think about this. Since I knew, the living condition for these animals won’t be ideal. The kids were rather busy climbing up and down the stairs than paying much attention to the show. I guess it might be the low lighting that made it hard for them to see. But once they lit up the fire, it did hold their attention for a while.

Sri Racha Tiger Zoo - Elephant

Our next stop was the Elephant show. The highlight of the whole show had to be the chance to feed bananas to the elephant. They really enjoyed the interactive up close and personal.

Sri Racha Tiger Zoo - Pig&Tiger

We skipped on the Pig race and slowly made our way through the park. Our last stop in the park was the nursery area where my brother-in-law and my sister took the picture holding the cub and fed them milk in the bottle. They also show how the pigs were raised together with the tiger cub.

It’s definitely one of the different experience you will get here. It’s not the same as western zoo and I will leave it up to your own decision whether you want to visit this place. For me, one time is enough. For Mr. Rojo, his memory was ‘It was really stinky like a giant kitty litter box that has never been cleaned’. For my kids, they just remembered feeding the elephants and they truly enjoyed them. So that’s our views.

I would like to put it here that my goal of this blog is to give honest opinion on my travel GOOD and BAD so that other parents will have information to make their own decision.

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  1. Oooh, i love the name Sri Racha. Just like my fave hot sauce! Hahaha. My little one loves Tigers! She once told me she wants to keep a baby tiger as a pet! Oh no!

  2. we skipped the pig race…what a funny sentence! looks like a super fun time…love all the different animals you got to see.

  3. Interesting, thanks for sharing.

  4. Great pics. Your comment about the restaurant reminded me of my experience in Thailand. I like to keep a detailed journal and on more than one occasion I hunted for restaurant names, and eventually asked the owner only to be greeted with polite incredulity. Why name your restaurant when you’re the only one in town?

  5. I don’t know why, but looking at your pictures and reading the post, made me think of that great book, life of pi. highly recommend reading it! great pictures and what a zoo!

  6. Nice shots–especially the first one of the tigers. Don’t think I want to get too close to those gators, either!

  7. Wow–how fun to spend time up close to the elephants.

  8. WOW! That is really incredibly to see the pigs with the tiger.
    What an amazing experience this must have been.

  9. Pigs and tigers, I wonder if they were thinking Winne the Pooh or something? I shy away from animal sightseeing in Asia mainly because of the image I hold about the poor treatment of animals. I think you gave us all a good idea of what to expect. Good post!

  10. Hey was this the place in Thailand that was featured in the most recent season of the Amazing Race? Just wondering — I seem to recall some of the episode matching up with some of the pics above!

  11. Very interesting place for traveler. There are many kind of animal shows. I just wonder how pigs and tiger can stay altogether, very cute!!!!

  12. It was good to read through your posting. I just loved the little while that I put in looking through it and wanted to leave a comment to state that….Many thanks

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