The Happiest Place on Earth (or Water?)


This is the picture from our first cruise experience with Disney Cruise. It was one of the most memorable vacation with our kids. At first we didn’t know what to expect and weren’t sure if we would enjoy stuck in a ship for the full 4 days. I guess if we had to be stuck anywhere, Disney was a good bet to be stuck with.


The Disney ship is not as big as other more popular cruise lines like Carnival or Royal Carribean.  But what lack in size, they made up in design, deco and services. As soon as we stepped on the ship, we almost forgot that we were on a cruise ship instead on another one of Disney Theme park except it was floating! There were plenty of activities everyday that we lost count and couldn’t possibly do everything. One of the fun activity that kids of all ages would enjoy was meeting the characters. It was like our little treasure hunt game.

When we went on the cruise, Mr. Z just turned 2. People might not feel like it’s worth the money to do the cruise when he was that young. But with Disney Cruise, it was well worth it. we didn’t have to pay for the kid price so we only had to pay for tax and port fee. Money saving alert!! :) There were plenty activities for him to do and they also provided baby sitting service if we required. Another big plus for parent with toddler was a separate pool that Disney built just for the baby and toddler who are still in diaper. In other cruise lines, kids in diaper are prohibited to use the pool and there are no other options for parents.


A private island – Castaway Cay was one of our favorite as well. We could roam the island and enjoy a relaxing day on the beach. There were food serving all day. There were plenty of water and beach activities for the whole family and there were also kids club lead by Disney employees for youngster to enjoy time alone from the parents.

I can’t wait till we plan for another cruise trip. This time I want to stay longer!

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Photo Friday: Nassau View from Disney Cruise

The view of Nassau port with very vibrant color of the Bahamas. This was our only port during our 4-night Bahamas cruise with Disney 2 years ago. It was our first cruise so I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t prepare much. We walked to the straw market and spent sometimes there. Then I had to find Hard Rock cafe to get my pin. See.. I’m a HRC pin collector. But I only buy the pin that represent the city or country that I have visited. We didn’t do any excursion to Atlantis. Probably next trip. :)

We did throughly enjoy our time there so much that 2 years later we got on another cruise vacation. I love cruising. It’s such a great way to travel as a family. You plan in advance and then just enjoy your time there.

Wordless Wednesday – Disney Cruise Line

Bring back memory

Planning the Carribean cruise for this May, bring back fond memory of our first cruise with Disney. It was our first cruise and we were so new to this cruising stuff. I don’t think we had planned it properly. But overall the trip went well hence we are back on the cruise planning again.

Amazingly enough, the timeframe for this cruise is almost the exact same time as our first cruise. It was in May. We booked the Disney Wonder – 4 night Bahamas cruise through our friend who handled everything. So the booking part was easy enough for us.

With the help from comprehensive online site, I got several tips from experience Mouse cruisers. For one, bring a white T-Shirt or pillow case and you can drop it off at the guest service. They will have all the characters sign the T-Shirt for you. Free souvenir!! The chase to get pictures with different characters was fun as well. It is one of the unique thing that you can’t get from other cruises especially if you are a big Mouse fan.

We didn’t book or plan any excursion in Bahamas. Just walked out to the port area and then got back on the ship. I would have done it differently next time. I will probably spend more time in researching on what else we can do in the Bahamas.

My favorite was a day at Castaway cay. The beach was crowd but the kids had so much fun in the Sun. Eventhough, we got a bit of overcast day in the beginning of the day and had to wait to dock for about an hour. Overall, we got our relaxing and fun day on the beach.

Then we got a full day at sea to explore and really enjoy what the Cruise has to offer. We walked to every corner of the ship just to see all little things they have hidden that make it truly magical. The pool is one of my favorite since at that time my son was still in diaper and this is the only cruiseline that has separate pool that allow kids with swimming diaper to enjoy the pool as well.

And don’t get me started on the food. With so many choices and so many snacks you can get, I didn’t even bother to check my weight when I got back. Why bother since I know that it will go up anyway! It’s a vacation so let it go!! Service is off the chart which is to be expected when you have Disney stamp on it. I loved the little touch of animal towel in our room every night. You never know what animal you will find in your room!

What can I say. If you don’t know it by now, we are a Disney fan family!