My Dream Vacation for Less: Spring Family Vacation at Breckenridge

Family Ski Vacation in Breckenridge

As many part of the country are still battling the cold and snow, we at the Q Family already are dreaming about our next adventure in Spring and Summer. Our recently family ski trip to Keystone resort put the Colorado mountain resorts on the map for us and Breckenridge is one that we want to visit on our next family vacation.

It’s without a doubt that Breckenridge is well known for winter sport and ski family vacation that comes with quite a price tag for family who looks to travel on a budget. However, there are many ways to enjoy great family spring vacation for less. As we are dreaming about our next spring adventure, we would like to share with you how we plan our next family vacation for less!

Home Away from Home

Home Vacation Rental

When travel with kids, accommodation is a big factor in make or break your dream vacation. Choosing the right type of accommodation for your family is crucial part of travel planning.

We always look for vacation home rental as our first option. Most home rental provides extra room for family so we are not on top of each other. The homey atmosphere provides kids (and adults) a more relaxing environment after a long day of activities or fun in town.

Breckenridge has a lot of lodging types to choose from. With a quick search on Homeaway for Breckenridge, we know we will have no problem finding the right place to stay for our family.

Friends Make Travel more Fun

Another way to help save on your next family trip is to make it a group affair! We recently took a quick long weekend getaway during the holiday break with a group of friends who also have kids that are in the same age range as our kids. The cost of home rental is considerably lower than renting traditional hotel room in the same area.

At dinner time, we enjoyed our dinner as each of the family showcase their favorite dish. Kids had a blast because they had friend to play with. So we know that if possible our next spring vacation, we would love to go with our friends again.

Feast fits for the King

Keystone River Run Village Room Kitchen

Food is a big part of our life and we wouldn’t have enjoyed much of our vacation if food is blah.. So to have our own full kitchen during our vacation is a big plus and one that we always love!

Cooking during vacation doesn’t have to be painful or too much work. We plan simple family favorite meal that everyone loves. The time to prepare and cook our meal is typically shorter than the time we wait at a restaurant. Plus kids can be kids and running around the house until the dinner is ready instead of having to sit quietly (most of the time) in a restaurant.

One Last Run on the Slope

Spring in Atlanta means warmer weather and short sleeve shirt. But in Breckenridge, it means discount rate from ski resort for the end of the season discount. The resort season doesn’t end until mid April so it’s a great chance to enjoy winter sport while the rest of the country flock to the warmer destinations.

Photo credits: Breckenridge

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Travel Tips: How to Plan a Family Ski Trip on a Budget

Budget Tips for Family Ski Vacation

There is no doubt that family ski vacation is expensive. There is no sugar coat about it. There is only a small window each year for you to enjoy this winter sport and there are only handful of ski resorts you can visit. So when planning a family ski trip, starts with answering these three questions: What mountain should we ski/snowboard? Where should we stay while we are there? and how much we are willing to spend on lift tickets and equipment rental?

A family ski vacation can easily cost a family thousands of dollars, but there are budget tips to help family to get by on about $150 a day per person. Here are some money saving strategies for planning your next family ski trip.

Ski During Off Season

Ski resorts are busy during holidays and school break. The full peak season typically start after Christmas. So you can snag a great deal if you plan your trip before or after those peak season. A trip to Colorado mountain ski resorts after Thanksgiving or before Christmas will save you several hundred dollars on lift tickets and accommodation for a family of four.

Visit Areas with Multiple Resorts

In the areas with multiple ski resorts, the competition will drive cost down and be beneficial to us, family travelers. The Salt Lake City or Colorado mountain towns, such as Breckenridge, Vail or Keystone, have several resorts within driving distance so you will have more choices and deals to choose from.

Ski at “Low Keys” Resorts

If flying to Salt Lake City or Colorado is out of your budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t still plan for family ski vacation in other low keys ski resorts. California and Washington in the West coast have several ski resorts within driving distance and West Virginia & North Carolina offer ski slopes that can be fun for the families look for ski near Atlanta with out the high price tag.

Stay Up to Date with Package Deals

Even before the ski season starts, sign up to resorts’ newsletter to receive update and deals. Many will offer great deals for family travel like Kids Stay Free & Ski Free. Flexibility is the key to be able to take advantage of this kind of deal because most of the time the deal will have restriction and will not be available during peak season. Hence, tip #1.

Make it a Group Vacation

Most ski resorts will offer group rate if you have 15 persons or more. If you can get a group of friends together, plan your vacation together will save on lift tickets and ski rentals. Most time you can save up to 20% of the normal rate. For family of 4, you just need 3 more families to join your trip. The planning doesn’t involve more work. You will need to call ahead and make a reservation for your group.

Go with Multiple Day Passes

If you already know you want to ski more than one day, purchase multiple day pass will add additional saving to your lift tickets and rental. Most resorts will offer additional discount for multi-day passes and even upgrade option to seasonal pass. For families, most resorts will also offer free child lift ticket with adult ticket purchased.

Pack Lunch and Cook Dinner

For many families, cooking during your vacation is the last thing you want to do. But when you travel with your family eating out every meal can add up rather quickly. Instead, pack simple sandwich for lunch will save at least $30 for a family. Lunch at ski slope can be expensive and you will also be wasting time lining up with other skiers for lunch line at the food court. Bring it along if skiing with a backpack, or store it in a cooler in a locker. At dinner time, a quick simple meal will satisfy everyone and keep the money in your wallet. Staying in an accommodation with small kitchen will cost a bit more but will give you space and ways to save on food.

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Do you have other budget tips to plan family ski vacation to share?

Saving Tip on Family Vacation Trip: Check out Local City Deals

Travel with kids can be a budget buster for many families but there is a way for you to help save on your next trip with a little planning.

Recently, I have been introduced to a new group deal site that focuses on family-friendly products and activities – Savvy Source.

I am fortunate to live in Atlanta where we have probably one of the most daily deal sites in town.

But even if your city doesn’t have any similar deal site available, you can still check out the destination of your next vacation.

Here are the deals I found in Savvy Source this week from major cities:

San Francisco Bay Area:

$47 for: Family membership to the Oakland Zoo ($95 value)
Have a zoo-per day with the bears, elephants, lions and more.


$25 for: Art classes and workshops at The Little House of Art ($50 value)
Get your up-and coming-artist started on the road to creativity.


$10 for: Three dance and fitness drop-in classes at Funkytown Parties ($20 value)
Get movin’ and groovin’ at the coolest party spot in town

Dallas Fort Worth:

$22 for: Family 4-pack of admission tickets to Dinosaur World
($45 value)

Travel back in time to when dinosaurs roam the earth


$25 for: Pop-In Playtime Bounce Card (10 visits) to Pump It Up ($50 value)
Head to the Inflatable Party Zone and get ready to bounce the house!


$26.5 for: An ‘I Get Around’ journal kit and Open Studio 2 Experience at Kiddywampus ($53 value)
Inspiring little ones to create and explore

New York:

$42 for: Pioneer Membership to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum ($85 value)
With all-new exhibits and programs, little ones will be seeing the world with fresh eyes


$10 for: Paint your own pottery at The Mud Room ($20 value)
Mud, masterpieces, and memories!

San Francisco Bay Area:

$50 for: Family and Caregiver Membership to Aquarium of the Bay ($100 value)
Go beneath the waves of the San Francisco Bay and discover an underwater world.


$25 for: Eco-friendly toys and crafts at Planet Happy Kids ($50 value)
Making kids happy while keeping the planet happy

I love the family membership program in many children museums, zoo or aquarium. Check out their detail and you might be able to use it in other cities as well!

Also you can join their partner program and receive commission on referral to your friends and families.