Top Family Friendly Things to Do with Kids in Singapore

Singapore with Kids Things to Do

Summer break is still months away but it’s never too soon to start planning. And actually most experienced family travelers probably map out their next summer vacation and start booking their reservation. This year I hope to go back and visit Thailand with kids again. With over a thousand dollar price tag per person on airfare, I always try to maximize our trip to Thailand by planning a trip within our Thailand trip to nearby family friendly destinations and Singapore holidays seem like one of a great option.

Singapore is a popular destination in Southeast Asia. This clean and modern cosmopolitan country has a lot of fun activities for families. With Western style education, visiting Singapore couldn’t be easier. There are plenty of English signs and speakers making communication a breeze. The melting pot of Malay, Chinese and Indians, Singapore, offers the unique blend of Asian cultures. The small island is tiny in size but there are plenty of fun things to do and explore in Singapore. Here are our picks for top things to do with kids in Singapore.

Singapore Zoo & Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari Things to Do with Kids

Locate next to each other, plan your day for a full fun day of animals. Enjoy Singapore Zoo in the morning at this “Open Concept” zoo where kids will have a chance to experience the zoo in a less cage-like environment. Also don’t forget to pack extra set of clothes or swimming outfit because I’m sure kids won’t let you skip the Singapore Zoo’s Rainforest Kidzworld.

Then at night check out one of the best Night Safari in the world at the Night Safari where you can choose to explore the park on foot via three walking trails, or by tram.

Marina Bay Sands Waterfront

Marina Bay Sands Light Show Singapore Things to do

The Marina Bay Sands Resort by itself is a sight to see. Three separated tall buildings connected by a long skypark looks like a scene from Star Wars. Stop by in the evening for a stroll along the Marina Bay Sands waterfront and grab a seat for the front row of Wonder Full – Light (Laser) and Water Spectacular. Best of all it’s FREE. The show time of Wonder Full  (subject to weather): Sunday to Thursday: 8pm, and 9.30pm AND Friday and Saturday: 8pm, 9.30pm and 11pm

ArtScience Museum

ArtScience Museum Singapore Things to Do With Kids

Uniquely designed as a symbolic gesture of welcome to guests from across the globe, the ArtScience Museum, is a new top attraction in Singapore. We also love to visit museums in various cities and we definitely can’t pass up on this Lotus-inspired shape museum that hosts marquee international exhibits as well as permanent exhibits on three floors of gallery space across over 50,000 square feet.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer Things to do with kids

The world largest Giant Observation Wheel, Singapore Flyer, is the Asian version of London Eye. Out with the old day of Ferris wheel, the new generation of giant observation wheel gives tourists a better way to enjoy the bird eyes view of the city. As the wheel turns, you’ll be treated to a visual 360° feast of iconic and historical landmarks and views from the Marina Bay to the Singapore River, Raffles Place, Merlion Park, Empress Place and the Padang.

Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park Singapore

Another park from Wildlife Preserve Singapore boasts one of the world largest bird park. The Jurong Bird Park offers a 20.2-hectare hillside haven for 5,000 birds representing 380 species. Check out birds from various part of the world and catch one of the shows. And if your kids are too tired (or whiny) to walk, you can hop on Bird Park’s Panorail, the one-of-its-kind air-conditioned monorail available fir ferrying visitors to view the awesome Park without hassle.


Sentosa Singapore Things to Do

Sentosa is the popular island resort in Singapore. With various attractions and beaches  within the resort, it makes a great family destination for visitors or locals. One of a fun way to get to Sentosa from the mainland is to take the Jewel Box cable car from Mt Faber. Once arriving to Sentosa island, there are a wide range of fun things to do from Underwater World, Sentosa Luge & Skyride , Tiger Sky Tower or just simply hang out by the beaches.

With the newly open Resort World Sentosa, the integrated resort with Casino, Universal Studio Theme park, shopping and soon-to-be-open Marine Life Park, Sentosa is sure to maintain the most popular family destination in Singapore.

Singapore River Bumboat Tour

Bumboat Singapore River Cruise Things to do

With water surrounding Singapore, one of the best way to explore the cit is to take one of the Singapore River Bumboat Tour. The bumboat is the small boat that used as water taxi or ferry in Singapore. It might look a bit run down but I think it will be fun to cruise along the Singapore river especially at night.

Shopping on Orchard Road

Orchard Road Singapore Things To Do

I still remember the bustling of pedestrians along the Orchard Road at the end of the day. This famous road lined with department stores and shops is the epicenter for shoppers. I’m a firm believer that you have to check out the shopping mall to get the feel of the local and it’s a fun way to enjoy a relaxing day in any city. Ok… ok.. I just love to shop, ok?

Singapore Botanic Gardens

SIngapore Botanic Gardens Things To Do with Kids

A great green space in the middle of the city, the Singapore Botanic Gardens, is a favorite spot for families. With free admission, it’s also budget friendly to anyone. Bring lunch to have a picnic in this lush escape from the bustling of the city even for a short while.

Day Trip to Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin Singapore Things to do

To experience a completely different world from Singapore city, take a bumboat for a day trip to Pulau Ubin. Once there rent a bike to explore this Northeastern coast of Singapore’s village and local living.

Have you been to Singapore with Kids? Do you have any family friendly attractions to recommend?

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Travel Tips: How to Plan a Family Ski Trip on a Budget

Budget Tips for Family Ski Vacation

There is no doubt that family ski vacation is expensive. There is no sugar coat about it. There is only a small window each year for you to enjoy this winter sport and there are only handful of ski resorts you can visit. So when planning a family ski trip, starts with answering these three questions: What mountain should we ski/snowboard? Where should we stay while we are there? and how much we are willing to spend on lift tickets and equipment rental?

A family ski vacation can easily cost a family thousands of dollars, but there are budget tips to help family to get by on about $150 a day per person. Here are some money saving strategies for planning your next family ski trip.

Ski During Off Season

Ski resorts are busy during holidays and school break. The full peak season typically start after Christmas. So you can snag a great deal if you plan your trip before or after those peak season. A trip to Colorado mountain ski resorts after Thanksgiving or before Christmas will save you several hundred dollars on lift tickets and accommodation for a family of four.

Visit Areas with Multiple Resorts

In the areas with multiple ski resorts, the competition will drive cost down and be beneficial to us, family travelers. The Salt Lake City or Colorado mountain towns, such as Breckenridge, Vail or Keystone, have several resorts within driving distance so you will have more choices and deals to choose from.

Ski at “Low Keys” Resorts

If flying to Salt Lake City or Colorado is out of your budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t still plan for family ski vacation in other low keys ski resorts. California and Washington in the West coast have several ski resorts within driving distance and West Virginia & North Carolina offer ski slopes that can be fun for the families look for ski near Atlanta with out the high price tag.

Stay Up to Date with Package Deals

Even before the ski season starts, sign up to resorts’ newsletter to receive update and deals. Many will offer great deals for family travel like Kids Stay Free & Ski Free. Flexibility is the key to be able to take advantage of this kind of deal because most of the time the deal will have restriction and will not be available during peak season. Hence, tip #1.

Make it a Group Vacation

Most ski resorts will offer group rate if you have 15 persons or more. If you can get a group of friends together, plan your vacation together will save on lift tickets and ski rentals. Most time you can save up to 20% of the normal rate. For family of 4, you just need 3 more families to join your trip. The planning doesn’t involve more work. You will need to call ahead and make a reservation for your group.

Go with Multiple Day Passes

If you already know you want to ski more than one day, purchase multiple day pass will add additional saving to your lift tickets and rental. Most resorts will offer additional discount for multi-day passes and even upgrade option to seasonal pass. For families, most resorts will also offer free child lift ticket with adult ticket purchased.

Pack Lunch and Cook Dinner

For many families, cooking during your vacation is the last thing you want to do. But when you travel with your family eating out every meal can add up rather quickly. Instead, pack simple sandwich for lunch will save at least $30 for a family. Lunch at ski slope can be expensive and you will also be wasting time lining up with other skiers for lunch line at the food court. Bring it along if skiing with a backpack, or store it in a cooler in a locker. At dinner time, a quick simple meal will satisfy everyone and keep the money in your wallet. Staying in an accommodation with small kitchen will cost a bit more but will give you space and ways to save on food.

Family Ski Tips & Resources from Other Travel Bloggers

General Family Ski Tips

Location Specific Family Ski Tips

Do you have other budget tips to plan family ski vacation to share?

5 Simple Ways to Make Family Air Travel Less Stressful

Family vacations are a time for making lasting memories with the ones you love, however getting through the airport – past the gift shops and fast food restaurants – to your flight and on your way to your destination can be stressful when you have kids in tow.

Whether you’re heading to the mountains, beach, or grandma’s house, flying doesn’t have to be a dreaded hurdle to leap over on your way to vacation bliss. Follow these mom-tested family air travel tips, and you and your little ones will be airborne and on your way to having fun in no time.

1. Check-in with your airlines before you leave

Most airlines allow passengers to check-in for their flight and print their boarding passes at home, and some even offer the option of check-in using your smart phone. By checking in ahead of time, you and your family will avoid standing in a long line for your boarding passes, which is tedious for anyone, but it’s especially difficult for antsy little ones. If you don’t have a printer or forget to check-in prior to arriving at the airport, you can also use a self-serve kiosk to speed up the process.

2. Travel light

If possible, limit what you and your family brings on the trip to what will fit in your carry-on baggage. Most airlines allow each passenger one small piece of luggage and one personal item, such as a purse, small backpack, or laptop case. Tell kids that they will have to carry their own bag for the trip, so that they don’t pack more than what’s necessary. Carrying on your bags will also save your family money since most airlines are now charging fees for checked luggage. If you have to check luggage, make sure to find out your airline’s baggage limits prior to departing, since the rules vary by company. Also, make sure all bags – especially children’s – have an identification tag, whether they’re being checked or not.

3. Fuel up

Have your family eat a meal or substantial snack prior to leaving for the airport.. This is especially important if you have kids who tend to get grumbly tummies when flying. Eating beforehand will help you avoid unnecessary trips to the airport food court where the options tend to be unhealthy and pricey. If you’re going to be airborne for an extended amount of time, pack a healthy snack for your family to eat while they’re en route. You may also want to bring empty water bottles to fill once you’re past airport security, so you can avoid purchasing drinks near your gate or on the flight.

4. Be prepared for airport security checkpoints

This can be one of the most stressful parts of traveling with children since it requires showing IDs and getting through the x-ray machines. The Transportation Security Administration is required to screen everyone and their bags, regardless of age, so be prepared to show your family’s IDs and know what you can and cannot carry on to the plane. If you are traveling with an infant, you must carry him/her through the x-ray machine. You cannot leave the child in their stroller or carrier. Some good news about security checkpoints is that the TSA now allows travelers ages 12 and younger to leave their shoes on through the security checkpoint, so no more wrestling with shoelaces before and after screenings!

5. Reserve your airport parking

Online sites, such as Airport Parking Reservations, now allow travelers the convenience of pre-booking their airport parking space. With these sites you can check rates and availability for any type of parking you’re looking for – whether you prefer a garage space, covered lot, outdoor parking, or valet service. By reserving your parking space ahead of time, you save time and money, and you don’t have to stress about searching for a spot once you arrive at the airport. Plus, a reserved spot is extremely helpful if you and your family are running late for your flight or if someone has to use the bathroom!

So what other tips you have to help reduce stress on family air travel?

Top 10 Family Friendly Things to Do With Kids in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

For my research on our upcoming trip to visit Myrtle Beach, SC, finding family-friendly things to do for kids is so easy. The hard part is to decide WHAT we want to do as a family because we all know Myrtle Beach is a mega of family fun and attractions from mini-golf, family entertainment, shops and local beach parks. So it’s without a doubt why Myrtle Beach ranks consistently as one of the top family destination in the US.

Luckily, I have some helps from the Myrtle Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. A quick look at their website at, I already have a page full of kids-friendly attractions, tours and museums.

Plus we found out that during the Labor Day weekend, they are hosting the sixth annual Beach, Boogie & BBQ Festival September 2-4 at Grand Park at The Market Common! I can’t wait for the fun day at the beach and BBQ!

So here are our list for fun things you can do with kids in Myrtle Beach

1. Mini-Golf at Hawaiian Rumble

I don’t have the official number of how many mini-golf places there are in Myrtle Beach. But I’m pretty sure that there are enough mini-golf theme to satisfy almost all types of kids. We are looking into the Hawaiian Rumble just because Hawaii has always been on top of the list of places I want to visit and I would love my kids to get over their fear of volcano. Hmm.. now I wonder if it will get worse if they have seen it up close. We will see! Other notable mini-golf themes I have seen online are Jungle Safari for animals lovers, Jurassic Golf for the Dinosaur fanatics, or the Dragon’s Lair Fantasy Golf for the fantasy fans.

2. Kayak Tour with Black River Outdoors Center

As much as we love to do things on our own, we also love to do local tours whether it’s a photography tour or walking tour. This time around we are looking forward to learn more about nature surrounding the inlets in Myrtle Beach with a kayak tour with Black River Outdoors Center. My kids will have a blast because they have been asking for a kayak tour for a while.

3. MagiQuest

And for the fantasy or game fans, you can take it even a step further by checking out MagiQuest where kids and adults can take gaming experience to the next level with the interactive wand that take them on a journey of fun and entertainment. Mr. Rojo is probably the one who will be the most excited about this experience. Even though it’s a bit pricey, it’s something that we probably won’t experience anywhere else.

4.  Brookgreen Gardens

Is it a Zoo or is it a botanical garden? Well, it’s both. We love to plan activity that also low key that doesn’t bombard us with too much sensory overload. A trip to Brookgreen Gardens seems like a good choice to provide an escape from busting fun in the main Myrtle Beach downtown area.

5. Huntington Beach State Park

The Murrell inlets is highly recommended by many of my friends who have been there. And how can we visit Myrtle Beach without visiting one of the popular beach here. We plan to explore and take it easy in the morning at the Huntington Beach State Park. Maybe a quick nap under the shade sounds like a great plan to me.

6. Barefoot Landing

A shopping complex consists of various shops, dining options and entertainment is a popular destination for tourists. Too bad we arrive at the tail end of summer because it would be fun to enjoy a family fun Friday activities. But we still have a chance to catch the last firework of the summer at Barefoot Landing on Saturday night if we are not too wiped out by all the fun activities.

7. Broadway at the Beach

Another family entertainment complex with options from dining, shopping and fun entertainment centers. MagiQuest is part of the Broadway at the Beach as well so we might walk around and check things out before or after our fun time at MagiQuest.

8. Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Fairly new boardwalk along the beach in downtown area is a great free alternative to enjoy a day in Myrtle Beach. Walking or jogging along the beach and check out locals or tourists enjoy their time on the beach. And if looking from above is one of your thing, check out the Skywheel Myrtle Beach where you can get a bird’s eyes view of the city above the sky.

9. Children’s Museum of South Carolina

A great option for family who already have family membership to your local children’s museum that have the passport program to allow you free admission to the Children’s Museum of South Carolina. It will be a great way to break out the day and escape the heat to indoor fun.

10. NASCAR SpeedPark

My kids love to ride the go-karts. They beg for it ALL the time. Unfortunately, they get their petite body frame from me so they are mostly too short to be able to ride the car in most of the family attractions we have been. But at NASCAR SpeedPark, they probably know that little kids love to ride the go-karts too because they have a couple rides that smaller kids can enjoy riding all by themselves. I know it might be not for every family but this one will definitely be a must-do for us. Oh.. Things you do for your kids.

Do you any other recommendation for fun things to do with kids in Myrtle Beach?

Top 5 Family Friendly Things to Do in Vancouver with Kids

Vancouver With Kids - City View

There are not many cities that leave a huge impression on our family. Yes, we mostly enjoy visiting different cities and attractions but at the end of the days we were happy to be home. But Vancouver is one of the city that we wouldn’t mind packing our bag and trek across the continent to move there.

There are many great fun things to do with kids in Vancouver and the best part most of them are free or fairly affordable. With our short visit, here are the fun things we have on our to-do list. Stay tuned for our review of each visit!

Top 5 Family Friendly Things to Do in Vancouver with Kids

1. Bike in Stanley Park

I love to the idea of doing things that will help kids experience the city in a different way. Instead of just walking around Stanley Park, we are looking forward to renting our bikes from Spokes and enjoying biking along the seawall to experience Stanley Park from the wheels.

2. Visit Vancouver Aquarium

With the location inside Stanley Park, the Vancouver Aquarium is a perfect choice after a couple hours of exploring Stanley Park. Yes, we do visit many aquariums around the country but this will be our first visit to the Canadian aquarium. I am curious to see what kind of experience we will have.

3. Visit Vancouver Science World

The Vancouver Science World is under renovation so there are many exhibits that are currently closed. But it also means that the discount admission is a great chance for us to check it out. I love to bring our kids to visit Science Museum in general because there are many hand-on and interactive exhibits for kids to enjoy for hours.

4. Grandville Island Kids Market

We are also looking forward to riding the Aquabus, a mini ferry across the bay, to Grandville Island. The Grandville Island Kids Market looks like a great place for families to spend a couple hours (or more) there enjoying shopping, playing and exploring in the market.

5. Capilano Suspension Bridge

A must-visit place in Vancouver even if you are not the dare devil type! The Capilano Suspension Bridge is much more than just a suspension bridge, there are also Treetops Adventure where kids can enjoy a scavenger hunt, Cliffwalk where you can face your fear of height on this suspended walkway.

What other family fun would you recommend for family visiting Vancouver?