Travel Tips: How to Pack for Family Ski Vacation

Packing List for Family Ski Trip

Family ski vacation can be both fun and intimidating at the same time especially for family that ski for the first time. If you grew up skiing, lucky you. You probably know the in and out of how to prepare for your family ski trip. But if you, like me, have never gotten up the slope or put on the ski boots before, the idea of preparing, outfitting and packing for your whole family for the next ski vacation seems like a daunting task.

We went skiing for the fist time as a family last season. With countless nights of reading tips on planning family ski vacation and my faithful spreadsheet, we had the best time on the slope and we dare say that it was one of our favorite family vacation.

Outfitting your children for ski clothing and accessories can be expensive but with our tips you will be able to save on things that you can skim on and invest on things that will worth in the long run. So here are our packing list for family ski trip.

Packing List for Family Skip Trip

Packing List for Family Ski Trip Equipments

Ski Clothing & Accessories

These are items you must pack for your next ski trip. It will ensure your enjoyment up on the mountain.

  • Ski jacket – Invest in a good quality jacket that is waterproof.
  • Snow pant/Bib – Snow bib is like an overall of snow pant. It’s great for children so it won’t fall down. We bought a size bigger and adjust it to fit.
  • Ski glove – Cold hand will make skiing miserable. So invest in a glove that is waterproof that also have lining to keep the little fingers warm
  • Goggles – Try it out with your kid to see if it fits properly. It’s best to go to the store to buy goggles.
  • Base layer – long sleeve and thermal pant.
  • Mid layer – Get fleece top and fleece bottom. My kids actually didn’t wear the mid layer bottom as much. Just the base layer and their snow pant already kept them warm.
  • Ski socks – Look for wicked sock so it will not hold the sweat and keep your feet dry.
  • Ski mitten – It will help keep their hand warm when they need to take the ski glove off.
  • Neck gaiter/Balaclavas – Not a scarf but neck/face warmer that keep the wind out of your face.
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Hand/foot warmer

Ski Equipments (you can rent)

Since this article is written for first time skiers, it’s will be crazy to advice you to invest hundreds (no maybe even thousands) on the ski equipment. All ski resorts will have ski equipment (boots, ski, poles, helmets) for rent. So these are the ski equipments that you need but you don’t really have to buy if this is your first time on the slope.

  • Ski boots
  • Poles
  • Ski
  • Helmets – If you plan to ski at least 2-3 times a year, it’s worth investing in a helmet. For health reason at least you won’t have to worry about lice and the cost of renting helmet will pay off for itself in a few days. We were able to pick up a helmet on clearance that cost less than $30 for our kids.

Après Ski Clothing

  • Sweater
  • Jeans
  • Boots
  • Shirts
  • Undergarments
  • Socks
  • Scarf
  • Pajamas
  • Swimsuit – There most likely are hot tub in the ski resorts and it’s one of the best way to end your day after a hard day on the slope.
  • Sunglasses

Do you have any particular tips to share on packing for family ski holiday? We will include your tips on our next post about how to save on ski equipments & gears.

Camping With Kids: What to Bring on Fall Family Camping Trip

Fall Family Camping
Fall is my favorite season because the weather is in perfect temperature and there are so many family friendly activities to do around town. We normally stick closer to home during Fall. Plus now that both kids are in school, it’s harder to plan a vacation trip.

One of fun family activity that we love to do and wish we can do more often is camping. Family camping is an easy, affordable and fun that anyone can enjoy. I would like to put a disclaimer here that I’m not a camping expert. But I love to share our experience from the newbie’s point of view.

Camping in Fall, I think, is the best time to camp, especially for first time camper. I always think it’s easy to warm yourself up in the cold climate than cool yourself down in the heat. Yes, you might pack a little bit more but it’s doable especially if you are not planning a backpacking camping trip.

Here are our list of Essentials on our Fall Camping Trip with Kids

Camping With Kids Family Tent

Family Tent:

We purchased the biggest tent we can afford. For our family of 4 we bought 8 person tent. I think it’s the best thing to do when you have kids. It gives them more space to move around and plenty of space to put all our stuff inside the tent. We didn’t buy the best tent but just cheap version at Walmart. If it’s your first time camping and you are not planning to go camping in extreme weather, I would suggest to buy cheap tent or rent one from REI to try it out.

Sleeping Bag:

You will need a sleeping bag per person in your family. Make sure you choose sleeping bag that is appropriate to your camping style. Again, we are not talking about extreme weather camping in the Q Family so I pick the one that is not too warm for our area. I figure if it gets too cold, we can always bundle up with more clothes.

Sleeping Pad:

A must for  your camping trip. This is one item that I think worth investing in because a good night sleep will make your camping experience so much better. We used to bring inflatable mattress. One word of advice – DON’T! It’s not as good as sleeping pad and much harder to setup and pack.

Flashlight or Lantern:

It’s not only a source of lighting at night time for you but a great toy for kids to entertain themselves at night time. Kids can play with their shadow and explore nearby campsite with their flashlight.

Footprint or Tarp:

In order to protect and prolong the life of your tent, footprint or tarp is highly recommended. It will help keep your tent from rock or branch. We bought a tarp that is a bit larger than our tent and use it as a mat so kids have place to take off their shoes before entering our tent as well.

Camping Stove:

Cooking at the camp can be easy or complicated depends on your style. We have been camping with a friend who didn’t even bring any stove or any cooking items and we have also been camping with a family that brought everything except the kitchen sink with them. For us, the Coleman Two Burner Stove is a perfect middle ground. It is small and compact enough to bring with us and provide us with enough space to make a quick meal like bacon in the morning or boil water for noodle at lunch.

Extra Blanket:

During fall camping, the weather at night can drop to as low as 30-40 degree. So make sure that you bring enough blanket or extra jacket. I found that one of those snuggi blanket that you saw on TV is really great. It helps keep the blanket on the kids throughout the night.

Outdoor Chairs:

At camp, you will be doing a lot of sitting around and enjoy the company of each other and nature. So a camp chair is a must.

There are many items that you can bring with you to camp especially if you just do normal camping that you don’t have to carry all your stuff to the camp sites. These are just essential items that we know we will need on our trip.

What are your essential camping items?