Tell Your Travel Stories with Disney Story App



During Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2013, I learned about recently released new iPhone app from Disney called ‘Story’. And I can’t wait to share with everyone about this cool app that will be perfect for summer vacation or any occasions for that matter.

What is Disney Story App?


StoryApp Disney


Story is the iPhone app from Disney that curate various moments from your iPhone’s camera roll and help your organized it into stories based on date and time when the pictures or videos are taken.

How Does it Work?


Story App Disney

Just think of it as an easy way to create a multi-media book from your iPhone. Story makes it easier for you to create your own stories. The application automatically pull moments that happen based on time and location together as a starting point. You then can add, delete, edit photos or videos to your tell your own story.

Once you are done, you can then share with your friends and families via social media or email.

See My Story at Disney Social Media Moms Day 1

Here is an example of the story I created for our first day at Disney Social Media Moms. It took less than 10 minutes to edit to the way I want. There are so many creative ways you can tell your stories.


What I Love about Story


Story App Disney2

With millions of app out there on iTune, I know you are probably wary about download yet another iPhone app. Me too! But here are a few reasons why I love this Story app from Disney.

Easy to Use

After you download and start the app, your pictures are organized by date and time so it’s easy for you to start creating your story based on the moment. The simple interface makes editing very easy.

Visually Pleasing

The design is simple and elegant. The story comes to life and very easy on the eye to see.

FREE – Need I say More

Oh! And I almost forget to mention that the app is absolutely FREE. So go download your app and share your favorite moments or stories with your friends and families.

HOWEVER, I do wish there will be a way to share story not only on your Facebook timeline but on your page as well. Maybe next update? :)


Have you create stories from Story App? Do share!

Family Travel Product: Kidz Gear Kids Headphones

One of the most important must-packed item for our travel is our kids Nintendo DS. I know it might not be what many parents want to bring on their trip but for us it’s a life saver.

However, one of the concern we have about using the personal game system on an airplane is the sound. It can disturb our fellow passenger. So I have been looking for a set of headphones that will be perfect for kids.

It has been a challenge to find a perfect headphones for little one. Most headphones in the market are for adult so it is too big to fit them perfectly and it tends to move around.

After a quick search online, I found Kidz Gear. I was instantly drawn to their products.

Built Just for Kids

After receiving my Kidz Gear Wired Headphones For Kids, Mr. Z tried it out right away. I am happy to see how perfectly fit it is to his ears. The adjustable head band gives plenty of allowance for kids with different size. I can even use his headphones once in a while.

The ear piece is built with cushion that make using it on a long flight comfortable. He has used it during our flight from the US to Thailand and had no complaint about it at all.

Another great feature I like is a volume control on the headphones. It’s nice to be able to control the volume from the headphones. And for the techy parents, the sound quality is superb with stereo sound quality.

After such a long flight, I was afraid that it will be the end of the headphones. But Kidz Gear proves that they understand kids and built their product to stand the test of abuse from kids. Mr. Z is not the most careful kid on the planet. So there are times that he would drag his headphones with him while we moved around.

If you are looking for a kid headphones, I would highly recommend Kidz Gear headphones. I will probably order another set for Miss J as well.

There is also a wireless headphones from Kidz Gear that will be a perfect addition for the car DVD system.

Disclosure: I received a set of Kidz Gear Headphones for review but my opinion is my own without any outside influence.

I Got Mail: Family Travel Journal

As I mention a couple weeks ago about how I love winning prizes from various blogs and twitter contest. Granted I have never won crazy expensive prizes like an all expense paid trip but I still love winning it regardless.

One of the prize that I love is yet another great travel companion for travelers especial family travel.

The Family Rambling Journal is a product from Jody of Family Rambling – a good friend and family travel expert. The travel journal is created with traveler in mind.

The journal is a perfect size for me to pack in my bag. It’s not too big to carry and not too small to write on.

Inside, there is a one page travel tips that provide great information for family travel from flying, driving and camping with kids.

The journal part is well thought out. There are already pre-set detail so it will help keeping journal during your travel easier. I’m not a journal type person who can sit down and jot down my thought and my feeling in paper. So I really appreciate the header to remind me of important things I might want to write down.

So if you plan to take any family vacation soon, you might want to check out the Family Travel Journal.  I know I will have it with me on my trip to Thailand.

I Got Mail: The Best of New York in 10 Seconds Travel Book

Before the Social Media era, I have never been one to win any prize or giveaway from a drawing whether it was lottery or school fundraising giveaway.

However, in the past year actually past couple months, I have been a lucky one. I not only won a prize but won FOUR prizes from various travel bloggers and company.

Maybe it’s a sign that I should start planning my trips to all these destinations? Yup! I will take that as a sign. Let start from my first winning prize.

The Best of New York in Just 10 Seconds

It all started from a comment to NYCityMama for a chance to win ‘The Best of New York in Just 10 Seconds’ book. How could I not enter for this giveaway, when I will be there this Summer for my first Travel Blogging Conference – TBEX’10.

The Best of New York in Just 10 Seconds is a great guide book with the to-the-point information and a unique way of organizing the book. It was a love at first sight for me. Not because it’s free but because it’s a clean look that caught my eyes.

The book’s table of content gives the short and simple way to find information. I love the big font that makes it easier to find information I need. They also organize the book in the way that we typically plan our trip. The sample of table of content are Art, Eat, Shop, Stay, See, Event, Neighborhood and many more.

And for this family travel mom, the kid-friendly is a big plus for me. For the big three things in travel – Eat, See and Stay – the book also have subcategory for Kid-Friendly section. It makes reading this guidebook very easy and fast. No wonder they said we will find what we look for in 10 seconds.

The listing has short description with essential information. I particularly love the Eat section with recommended dish from the restaurant.

In the back of the book, there are various maps to each neighborhood and a big map for the Manhattan subway.

Overall, it’s the guidebook that I will definitely pack with me to New York City.

Disclosure: I received this guidebook for free from winning a contest. But no one asks me to do the review or write a post about it. This post is based solely on my opinion without any outside influence.