Thailand with Kids: The Land of Fruits

We have been in Thailand for over 3 weeks now. The kids are adjusting to life in Bangkok which mostly consists of mall hopping. There are more shopping malls than I can count in Bangkok. And another things that Thailand is known for is the variety of fruits.

So today, I just want to take you on a little peek of what fruits we have had since we landed in the land of fruits!

And to make thing a little bit more interesting, can you name each of the fruit below?

St Louis With Kids: Quick & Easy Lunch @ Imo’s Pizza

St Louis with Kids IMO pizza

Pizza has been a staple food in our household. On a busy school night when I ran out of idea or time to cook, I typically gave in and picked up from our local pizza.

During our quick jaunt to St. Louis this past summer for our family reunion, we got a taste of St. Louis pizza style. After a quick search on Yelp & TripAdvisor, it seems Imo’s Pizza is one of the best choice.

St Louis with Kids IMO pizza  MeatImo’s Pizza is the local chain that serves up original St. Louis style pizza. They have several locations in the area so it’s very convenient for us during our visit to the City Museum (one of the best and most fun museum EVER and I promise to write about our experience soon). We took a short walk from the City Museum to Imo’s Pizza Downtown on Washington.

The place looks bright and clean, perfect for a quick bite. We ordered at the counter and waited for our food.

St Louis with Kids IMO's Pizza - CheeseFor Miss J and Mr. Z, they will only eat Cheese pizza so Cheese pizza it is. I have to say I’m in love with St. Louis style pizza. The super thin, cracker-like crust pizza with Provel cheese instead of mozzarella that is cut into square pieces made it easier for the kids to enjoy. Plus I am not a big fan of thick crust to begin with so this pizza style satisfied me without making me felt too full.

St Louis with Kids IMO's Pizza Cheese SticksWe tried toasted ravioli which unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough to take picture before it was gone! We also ordered cheese sticks which was a big hit for the kids as well.

Overall, it was a great lunch before we headed back home. Definitely a place to visit if you love pizza.

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Vancouver With Kids: Flavor Overload @ La Casa Gelato

Vancouver with Kids - La Casa GelatoGelato, ice cream and frozen yogurt; these are our secret weapon to garner good behavior from our kids. During our Vancouver trip, I didn’t spend much time with Mr. Rojo and the kids because I was in Travel Blogger conference – TBEX. So we decided to give them a treat of the gigantic propotion after a long day with daddy that didn’t result in a bloodbath from either side.Vancouver with Kids - La Casa Gelato Shop

We headed to the ultimate gelato wonderland, La Casa Gelato, where they would be able to choose from varieties of gelato goodness. La Casa Gelato is a local favorite and tourist attractions within itself. Judging from the pictures lining the wall of several famous people like Martha Stewart. With over 218 flavors available daily and more than 508 flavors, picking one will be a huge challenge.

Vancouver with Kids - La Casa Gelato Inside

We got there pretty late but it seemed this is the place to be on the Saturday night. The place was packed and loud with techno music to get the fun atmosphere going. They just need a disco light and it would be a party. There is no seating inside the store but across the street there is a little garden with outdoor seating available.

Vancouver with Kids - La Casa Gelato Sign

It can be overwhelming walking in and trying to figure out what you will have. The gelato selections are made from ingredients around the world from Wasabi, Akbar Mashti to Hazelnut Chocolate. But don’t worry you don’t have to make a commitment as soon as you walk in. You can try out any flavor you like and once you decide you can go to the cashier to purchase a token to get your ice cream.

Vancouver with Kids - La Casa Gelato  Balsamic Vinegar

Our first taste was based solely from our curiosity. Balsamic Vinegar gelato!! Seriously? Who would buy them? But we had to try it.

Vancouver with Kids - La Casa Gelato Face

You can tell from Miss J’s face that it wasn’t something for our taste bud. However, surprisingly the employee told us that there are quite a few people who love them because otherwise they would never put it up.

Vancouver with Kids - La Casa Gelato Durian

We slowly made our way around the shop. (not that we tried every single flavor. That would be CRAZY!) I found the Asian section where Lychee, Durian and Mango were on display. I knew I had to try Durian to see how authentic the taste was. And I was pretty impressed with the taste because I felt like I was really eating a Durian fruit.

Vancouver with Kids - La Casa Gelato Ice cream

After a while, we each settled on our own favorite. A few notable options for me are Death by Mango, Durian, Papaya Rasberry Sorbeto, and Peanut Buttercup.

So if you are in Vancouver and look for a place to enjoy gelato experience, La Casa Gelato is definitely worth a visit.

Have you been to La Casa Gelato? What’s your favorite flavor?

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Vancouver With Kids: Food Truck Adventure @ Japadog Hot Dog Stand

Vancouver with Kids - Japadog Beef Terimayo

As much as I want to say my kids are adventurous eaters who can devour new types of food from around the world, I accept the fact that they are not always willing to try new thing most of the time. I just have to slowly introduce new cuisine to them whether we are at home or on the road.

Vancouver with Kids - Japadog

One of the easiest way to introduce new food is to find food that similar to their comfort food at home. And with that I shamelessly admit that they do love their hot dog. So when I heard, read and see about Japadog, a famous food truck in Vancouver that blend Japanese flavor to American favorite food, I know this is a must-try on our Vancouver trip.

Vancouver with Kids - Japadog Eating

The Japadog is a food truck so that means there is no table to sit, no servers and no restroom. But that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy our street food experience. With their population, Japadog operates in several locations where each location has their own special dog.

Vancouver with Kids - Japadog menu

Fortunately, we stay at the hotel where it is just a block away from the Japadog at Burrard & Smithe Street corner. The selection is plentiful with topping from Japanese style of Edamame or my favorite, Oroshi with grated raddish & soy sauce to Terimayo series which you can choose from different type of hot dog type topped with mayo & dried seaweed.

Vancouver with Kids - Japadog Oroshi

And for kids who are not so sure about weird looking topping, you can order a normal hot dog for them. Another great option will be Yakisoba hot dog, a hot dog with yakisoba noodle topping. As for Mr. Rojo and me, we love the Oroshi. The grated radish is a great topping to counter the saltiness from hot dog. The popular Terimayo series hot dog is a little too salty for my taste but we tried it anyway. Who can resist Kobe beef hot dog!

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Seattle With Kids: Cheap & Good Eat @ Pho Than Brothers

Seattle With Kids: Pho Than Brothers restaurant

My family can confirm my love of Pho and all things Vietnamese food. So during our visit to Seattle, it was not a surprise that one of our favorite meal (at least for me) was an unplanned dinner at Pho Than Brothers.

Yes, most of the time I tried to plan where we want to eat each day or at least have done some research. It was a must because there are so many places to eat in Seattle. But that day we were on our way back from Mount Rainier and it was late. Many restaurants I had in mind were already closed. Well, thanks to my Urbanspoon & Yelp iPhone app, we found our new destination.

Pho Than Brothers restaurant is a quite popular Vietnamese eatery with many locations throughout Seattle. We settled in at the Broadway location. It might be quite difficult if you don’t have a car to go there from downtown. It’s doable but not as easy.

Seattle With Kids - Pho Than BrothersThe restaurant is in a lively neighborhood with many options for food and drinks. For us though, our main goal was food and more specifically steamy, huge bowl of Pho.

There is no frill at this restaurant. With a few decoration, it reminds me of how most of restaurants in Thailand look. It’s all in the taste of the food. Since it was quite late in the evening, we were seated right away. The menu is quite simple with different types of Pho (various varieties of meal) and sizes.

Seattle With Kids - Custard PuffBut above all else, we enjoyed the Banh Choux a la cream – a custard puff that was served before the meal. We couldn’t get enough of this dessert that we had to order more for our dessert after the meal.

Seattle With Kids - PhoThe pho has 4 sizes from small, medium, large and extra large. I ordered the medium size and I think I might have been even happy with small size. Kids loved their noodle which they shared a small size bowl. It’s the universal food even for the most picky eater will enjoy.

The best part, this meal costs less than $20 for the 4 of us including dessert!

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