Baltimore With Kids: Port Discovery Children’s Museum

Baltimore with Kids: Port Discovery Children's Museum

During our family trip to Washington DC, we took a day trip outside the political climate of the Capital and headed to Baltimore, MD to visit Port Discovery Children’s Museum.

Why Baltimore With Kids?

You might have asked why we have to drive all the way to Baltimore when there are many family-friendly things to do in Washington DC.

First reason would be I don’t want us to get ‘Museum-overload’ on this trip. Admit it.. there are only so many things you can appreciate from museums in one trip. And taking into account of the attention of the 5 and 7 years old, that amount will reduce dramatically. Secondly, this trip was as much their vacation as ours. So a trip to a children museum would be a great idea. Third reason is pretty selfish if I must say. We went to Baltimore before when Miss J and Mr. Z were still little and we didn’t get a chance to check them out. I have always wanted to go there. Lastly, we already have a membership that allows us to get in for FREE. It’s always good to able to travel on a budget.

So that settles and here we were in Baltimore heading to Port Discovery’s Children Museum.

Convenient Location & Impressive Structure


Baltimore with Kids: Port Discovery Children's Museum

We arrived there right before lunch so we decided to have lunch at McD before we started our journey. The Port Discovery Children’s museum is very close to the Harbour so it is an easy walk from the Aquarium. As soon as we walked in, the kids didn’t wait to climb on the 3-story playground. It’s one of the coolest play structure I have ever seen. There are so many things for them to do.. The structure is made from steel so it looks very artsy and industrial.

A Full Interactive & Fun Day for Kids


Baltimore with Kids: Port Discovery Children's Museum

At 5 and 7 years old, both of them were big enough to be able to do all the climbing themselves so we didn’t have to go in to help them. But for younger kids, parents are welcomed and encouraged to help them out. They ran around all over the place trying out different things ranging from Rock Climbing, Slide, Suspension Bridge, or Tunnel Bridge. They spent a good hour just climbing and then we started to walk around to check out other areas.


Baltimore with Kids: Port Discovery Children's Museum

There was a gas station and a grocery store that was a big hit for them. Kids can learn to shop for the healthy food and check out at the cashier. They can learn about ATM and gas station. After that, we head up to check out the cookie decorating. Miss J did a really good job on her cookie and Mr. Z did just as well for a 5 years old. :) The finished products were there for long. It was in their tummy right after they finished.

Baltimore with Kids: Port Discovery Children's Museum

Then we went to check out the Water room. This was probably one of another highlighted room for them. Mr. Z enjoyed playing with the rubber boat and lego boat. Miss J loved to build the dam and see how she could manipulate the water flow. She also did really well with the bubble hoola hoop.

Baltimore with Kids: Port Discovery Children's Museum

After oh… I don’t know.. a really long time, it was time (at least for me and Mr. Rojo) to leave. We had pretty much spent almost 4 hours there. I haven’t had much experiences with too many Children’s museums but I have to say that the Port Discovery Children’s Museum is definitely one of our favorite museum.

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