Postcard from the Road: Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

After two month trips to Thailand last year, this year we decided to stay closer to home (for various reason including financially). So our summer road trip 2013 was born.

Summer Road Trip 2013

Our road trip will take us from Georgia to Indianapolis, Niagara Falls, Toronto, New York City, Philadelphia and home. This two plus weeks will be the most we have ever done. So I decided to do a quick post like a postcard from the road to keep you up to date on our adventure.

Mammoth Cave National Park

Leaving early from our home in northern suburb in Atlanta, we passed through Tennessee and Kentucky on our way to Indiana where we planned to stop.

A Detour at Mammoth Cave National Park

But along the way, as an avid national park passport holder, we looked for opportunity to add a cancellation stamp to our passport book. And as we drove along I-65, I spot the sign for Mammoth Cave National Park right off the exit. Seeing that we still have plenty of time to arrive in Indianapolis later that day, we decided to take a quick detour of our route.

And what a pleasantly surprise to have found a great national park. We had no idea what to expect with Mammoth Cave National Park. I didn’t even know what’s the park is known for.

Mammoth Cave National Park Visitor Center

But as we stopped at the visitor center, we soon learned that we would be visiting not just one of the world longest cave system but also the world heritage site. What a great combo! This made me want to tag my friend, Traci from Go Big or Go Home whose site features her family quest to conquer all biggest, longest, tallest sites all around the world.

Since we didn’t plan the trip, we didn’t anticipate the activities that we could do at the park. The best way to truly explore the Mammoth Cave National Park is to join one of various tours provided by the park ranger. So we settled for the next best thing and explore the visitor center where there are plenty of interactive information for us to learn about the world largest labyrinth underground.

We already talk about planning a trip back so we can truly enjoy visiting Mammoth Cave National Park.

Family Tips:

  • There are various types of accommodation within Mammoth Cave National Park ranging from tent camping, cabin and hotel. So any types of travelers will be sure to find something to suit them.
  • Plan at least one tour to explore the world underground of the cave system that still have yet to be explored fully. The tickets for the tour can be sold out during high season so plan in advance.