Disney with Kids: Visiting the New Fantasyland in Disney’s Magic Kingdom

 Disney With Kids Fantasyland

If you haven’t noticed already, you will pretty soon realize that we love to visit Disney with kids. It’s such a magical place to visit and every time we always discover something new.

What I love most about Disney company is how the company never stop improving and introducing new things. Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is one of the most popular theme parks in the world and yet Disney doesn’t sit back and cash in from visitors from all around the world. They truly do work on improving the customer experience in their parks. Every year, we will hear about something new from Disney from Carland in Disneyland California to the new Fantasyland in Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando.

As we visited Walt Disney World again this year during the Disney Social Media Moms event which sponsored in part by Disney, we made it our first priority to check out the new Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom.

So what’s new in the Fantasyland you asked. Here are a few things we have experienced and a couple things we wish we have experienced.

Disney with Kids See What’s New in Fantasyland


Double the Fun with Dumbo


Disney with Kids- Fantasyland-2

Dumbo is probably one of the most popular ride in Magic Kingdom for the young kids and we all know how long the wait on the line can be. Well, now the wait time has improved with two dumbo rides side-by-side. Better yet, instead of waiting in line in a hot Florida heat, parents will be able to wait in the air-conditioned play area while their kids can enjoy the fun at Dumbo themed playground. I admitted we didn’t do this ride. My kids are way past the age of riding the Dumbo so they opted for the more adventure ride next door at the Barnstormer.

Cool down at Casey Jr. Splash ‘N Soak Station


Disney with Kids- Fantasyland-1


Put kids in their bathing suits and let them run wild at this splash and soak station. They will enjoy the fun while cool down from the heat during a hot summer day. The nice thing about this Casey Jr. Splash ‘N Soak station is it’s located right in front of the rest room. So after they have enough fun in the water, you can just whisk them to the restroom to change.

Take a Ride Under the Sea with Ariel


Disney with Kids- Fantasyland-3


In the new section of Fantasyland where the expansion include stories from Beauty and the Beast and the Little Mermaid, we took a leisure ride under the sea to Journey of the Little Mermaid. The ride brought the story of the Little Mermaid to life with music and animated characters. It’s perfect to do after enjoying other outdoor attractions to give you a quick retreat. Plus this ride is the Fastpass ride so you can plan it by getting your Fastpass tickets first. The Fastpass distribution for the ride however is located by Mickey’s PhilharMagic so plan your day accordingly so you don’t have to trek back and forth. You know how you want to save your steps as much as you can when visiting Walt Disney World’s parks.

Have a Healthy Snack at Gaston’s Tavern


Disney with Kids- Fantasyland-10

One of the newest dining option in the new Fantasyland is Gaston’s Tavern. This is a quick service dining option that offers snacks and drinks to give you a quick break. Don’t miss LeFou’s Brew, the kid-friendly refreshing apple juice with all-natural passion-fruit and mango foam. It looks yummy and it tastes equally delicious. However, the drink is not the only thing on the menu. I love to see that there are other few options for healthy snacks like fresh fruit cups, mix vegetable cup with dip, sliced apple with caramel sauce and hummus and chips. It’s good to know that you can have a healthy snack while enjoy a fun day in the theme park. Of course, no one will blame you if you will opt for the warm cinnamon roll or chocolate croissant like us.


Experience Fine Dining at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Ok. My friend suggested me to book Be Our Guest as soon as I told her that we would be going to Disney. But I didn’t take her advice seriously and by the time I tried to make the reservation for a meal, there is none left. So as much as I would love to be able to give you the detail on what’s good and what’s the buzz is all about the Be Our Guest restaurant, it’ll have to wait until next visit. So here are a few reviews from other bloggers that I can find for you to check out – lunch review and dinner review.


Have you visited the new Fantasyland? What do you think?


Thank you Walt Disney World for inviting our family to attend Disney Social Media Mom Celebration by Walt Disney World. We received discount rate for accommodation, tickets and meals. But as always, all opinion and what I wrote are my own.

Ideas for Gatwick Getaways – Orlando Attractions in Florida

Orlando Walt Disney World

Whether you are hoping for a touch of winter sun this season, or you are looking forward into the summer months for a stint in the States, whatever the weather, there is no denying that Orlando Florida is one of the most breath-taking breaks your family will ever take.

With so much action on offer, the key to a stress-free sojourn with your sprogs is to start as you mean to go on. Forget rushing around, filling cases, and panicking on your way to the airport, take your time to pack and stay at hotels near Gatwick the night before your flight. Kick back, relax, enjoy a meal, a drink, and a soothing bath, before heading over to your terminal for that long-haul flight.

How to spend your time can be a little bit baffling. Orlando is brimming with world-class attractions, with astounding reputations and an air of all things magic, to boot.

Disney with Kids: Hollywood Studio  16345

There are one or two that simply cannot be missed, including the  Walt Disney World Resort and the Universal Resort. Within the two resorts, expect the six theme parks, waterparks and boardwalks to take up the majority of your time in Florida.

Disney is the place where magic comes to life and dreams come true. Regardless of the age of your children, the productions, rides and entertainment here are out of this world, and will blow all away, from the tiniest tots, to the oldest in your clan.

Orlando With Kids Wizarding World of Harry Potter  15536

As well as ‘riding the movies’ at the Universal Resort – including Transformers, Cat in the Hat, Shrek and Twister –  be sure to plan a day into your itinerary to indulge in the highly acclaimed, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, situated within the Islands of Adventure park.

Legoland Florida With Kids  24412

Sprinkle your stay with a few of the smaller-scale attractions. Although the main resorts will take up a large chunk of your time in Orlando, sites such as  SeaWorld, Wet ‘n Wild,  LEGOLAND and  Gatorland, are well worth popping on to your plan.

Slightly outside of the main theme park region, Busch Gardens is a must-do day out for the whole family. A wildlife park and outstanding thrill park rolled into one, Busch Gardens is well worth the trek out of Orlando terrain.

Located in Tampa, Busch Gardens is easily accessible in little over an hour using your holiday hire car. Alternatively, if you have chosen not to drive during your break abroad, the  Orlando Flex Ticket Plus will grant you and your brood unlimited access to the Universal Resort, Wet ‘n Wild, Aquatica, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens. This includes a free shuttle service, direct from the gates of Universal Studios.

Let the adventure begin today, and start creating those family memories that will last a lifetime. You are about to embark on the most magical escape available, so start as you mean to go on, and get all the little details in order.

Book your break online today, grab an online discount, and reserve your stay at hotels near Gatwick for a stress-free start to your Orlando holiday.


This post is sponsored by Travelodge.

Our Family Travel in 2012

Family Travel: Stone Mountain Park Atlanta

Happy New Year 2013

My favorite post that I love to write each year and I have been consistently keeping it up for all 4 years of blogging is our family travel year end review post. With a lack of posting in the past few months, it’s surprising for me to see that we have done quite a few adventures this year. I can’t say enough of how bless we feel to be able to afford the chances to explore the world with our family. I hope you will find this post not as a bragging on ‘hey-see-where-I-go’ but more of an inspiration to create your own family adventures with your family.

JAN: Appalachian Ski Trip, Blowing Rock, NC


Family Travel: Appalachian Ski with Kids

We continued our ski-bug-bite from the previous year trip to Keystone resort with family ski trip with a group of friends to Appalachian Ski resort in North Carolina. The ski resort is nothing compared to the Colorado mountain but it’s the companionship that made the trip. Kids enjoyed playing in the snow when we got snowed in for a day and had a blast on the slopes the next day. It’s a great alternative for us to get some ski time near Atlanta area.

FEB: Cataloochee Ski Trip, Maggie Valley, NC


Family Travel: Cattaloochee Ski with kids

Yet another short ski trip from Atlanta to satisfy the kids new favorite sport. For a beginner in skiing, the Cattaloochee ski resort in North Carolina area is perfect for us. The within-driving distance from Atlanta, low-key ski resort, more affordable lift ticket and ski rental are great for us to learn how to master our skill after learning from Keystone Ski school. But we know eventually we will need to plan a proper ski trip out West or even further up North for them to enjoy. But this trip was yet another successful fun trip for them. It goes to show that traveling with kids doesn’t have to be fancy.

MAR: Legoland Discovery Center, Atlanta, GA


Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta with Kids

In March, we explored our own backyard and checked out the newly opened Legoland Discovery Center in Atlanta. With a boy whose currently toys collection consisted of only LEGO, it was beyond happy for Mr. Z.

APR: Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL


Disney with Kids- Disney's Art of Animation Resort: Playground

This month, we were invited to attend Disney Social Media Mom celebration in Disney World and got a chance to get a sneak peek at their new Disney’s Art of Animation resort, a great new addition to Walt Disney World resort that we plan to stay on our next trip.

APR: Stone Mountain, Atlanta, GA


Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta with Kids

During Spring break, we stayed in town and visited Stone Mountain park to check out their new attraction, the Geyser Towers. Kids had fun on the hot day.

JUN: Month long visit to Thailand


Phuket with Kids, Phuket, Thailand

The summer of 2012, we spent 2 months in Thailand with my family. It will take us a while to write about our visit. We took several side trips from Bangkok to Hua Hin, Rayong, Phuket and Ayutthaya. It was one of the highlight for us to be able to spend a big chunk of time with cousins and relatives.

JUL: Hong Kong


Family Travel: Hong Kong with Kids

With our long stay in Thailand, we took advantage of cheap airfare from Air Asia and went to Hong Kong for a few days. We explored the island slowly and enjoyed our time walking, eating and sightseeing.

JUL: Singapore


Family Travel: Singapore with Kids

On our way back from Thailand, we had a stopover in Singapore for a few days. My family flew there with us and we had a great time checking out Universal Studio Singapore and eating chilli crab. It was a short yet sweet trip for us to end our summer in Asia.

SEP: Anniversary trip to Savannah, GA


Trip to Savannah, Georgia

We escaped for a couple trip to Savannah to celebrate our anniversary. I fell in love with this historic mossy town. We plan to bring the kids back with us later this year. After all, Miss J is a girl scout so she has been asking about a visit to Savannah for a while.

After that, we have been staying put in town. I guess the months long trip to Asia has done it for us. It makes me realized that I love to travel but I also love to be home in my own bed, taking my dog for a walk and having coffee with my friends. So the last quarter of the year was all about friends and parties.

It has been yet another blessed year for us that we can continue to pursue our love of travel and adventures with our children.

So here come 2013, we are excited to the new adventures. What are you most exciting about your 2013 plan?


And if you have free time, you can check out our family travel in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.


Travel Photo: Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando

Walt Disney World Resort - Animal Kingdom Lodge-1

Night time viewing of animals at the Savanna overlook, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida

Disney with Kids: Riding Along on the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Kali River Rapids

On our latest trip to Walt Disney World, we took the kids on the Kali River Rapids ride in Disney’s Animal Kingdom for the first time. Check out our video for the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Kali River Rapids. Mr. Z got completely soaked during the ride. See if you can spot him! :)


Video of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Kali River Rapids Ride