WW – Amsterdam Canal at Night

The Amsterdam canal at night in front of Ann Frank house.. During my little brother worldwind tour in Europe with my mom.. Oh.. I’m so green with envy!!

13 Countries I Have Visited

This week Thursday Thirteen is all about the countries that I have visited. I don’t list it in any particular order. Enjoy!

1) China – I went there during a couple of business trips with the company I used to work for. What a great experience! We got to see the Great Wall, Forbidden City and shopping at Silk Street. If we have a chance, I will go back in a heartbeat.

2) Hong Kong – We went there a couple years ago during our family trip back to Thailand. It was like a family reunion trip with my mom, my sister, my brother and my cousin. We had so much fun there. What a lively city and the food was incredible and exotic.

3) Mexico – Our recent cruise had a stop in Cozumel. We only spent a day there. So I know that I will have to go back there to experience and explore more of this beautiful country.

4) Cayman Islands – Love it, love it, love it!!! Another port of call on our recent cruise trip. Oh what a beautiful beach! I think I can just stay there by the beach all day long.

5) Jamaica – Colorful and interesting country. We didn’t get to explore much this trip. But I know that we will find another opportunity to go back and be more adventurous next time.

6) England – I went there about 10 years ago with my mom and my brother. Big Ben, London Bridge, Trafalgar Square and Harrod’s.. Too little time, too many things to do. I need to go back there before my friend moves away.

Picture by fraise

7) Switzerland – On the same trip to London, we also went to Switzerland. Checked out watches and stayed in a beautiful B&B. What a beautiful country!!

8) Germany – I couldn’t believe it has been 10 years already from that trip. We stopped by Heidelberg. Checked out the castle and enjoyed lunch at the town square.

Picture by mattwyn

9) Italy – Rome.. what can I say.. No need to explain. We have to go back. One trip is not enough for this country full of history and great architectures.

Picture by RZen

10) Scotland – A business trip took me to this lovely country. We got to check out the Edinburg castle and visited Glasglow in Ireland. Very peaceful place. I would love to go back there with Mr. Rojo.

Picture by sZelee

11) France – Shopper heaven.. Not so much for me at that time. As a poor student, I didn’t get to enjoy all the brand name stores. But who can forget your experience in Paris. There is no other city like it.

Picture by idreamofdaylight

12) Bahamas – The Carribean paradise. Our first visit was for our honeymoon and followed by our first cruise. We had a great memory there for blue ocean and great snorkel.

13) Singapore – Another great oppotunity from my ex-company. We got to live there for over a month. What an experience!

Picture by travellingzenwolf

Since a handful of the countries I visited were from way before the digital camera era, I didn’t have the digital copies of those pictures. Thanks to the internet I am able to find great pictures from other flickr users.

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Oh.. I'm jealous!!!

Right now, my little brother and my mom are on  a trip of their lifetime in Europe. My little brother is a real traveller in our family. I believe he suffers from wonderlust.  Everyone in our family loves to travel. Though, he is the one who really makes it happen. Some might the reason is that he is single. Some might say that he is young. But no matter how we put it, he is living the life and I’m glad my mom benefits from his travel savvy. She so deserves it!

Yesterday, they just arrived in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Their first country in their 17 days European trip. My brother planned the trip all by himself. Normally, we like to take guided tours but not my brother. He did some work with the travel agents to help him book the tickets for hotels, hostels and airlines. But most  of the planning he did it by himself.

First stop for them today in the Netherlands is Keukenhof. The famous Garden of Europe in Lisse, Netherlands. They travelled there by bus and spent a whole day there. The garden is the world’s largest flower garden and they picked the best time to visit in Spring. I sure hope my mom brings a very comfy pair of shoes to walk around. When I called them, they were waiting to get on a bus after they just packed up from their hostel to head excursion.
After Keukenhof, they head to Belgium.  Their stops there will be Brussle and Brugge.  Brugge is the World Heritage Site with a medieval historic settlement.. I wonder if any of the Medieval festivals here in the states can hold a candle to the real thing.  I asked Mr. Rojo if he would like to go to a Medieval festival if one were to swing by our area and he just laughed at me.  Though he laughs, I’m sure secretly he would like to go. If just to laugh at all the thee’s and thou’s.  Sorry. I digress…  My brother is on a neat journey. Gosh.. I can’t wait to see his pictures!

13 Destinations for my Vacation

Sometimes vacation is all about our imagination. It will be nice to get to go on a real destination on your dream vacation.

As I have so much time on my hand (apart from working, cooking, taking care of our home, cleaning, etc..), I have come up with 13 destinations that I would like to go on my vacations. These are not the finite list as I refuse to limit my own dream. I want to go places.. different places, different cultures.. Only time will tell.

For now, enjoy my Thursday Thirteen.

1) Hawaii – This is my top destination. It’s just something about the beach that always attract me.

2) Italy – I want to go back there and be able to take my time and get to travel the whole country especially Venice, Rome and Florence

3) Greece – Again something about the ocean.. It’s that blue sky with the crisp clear ocean. Plus Greek food is one of my favorite.

4) Australia – This might happen sooner if I can manage the budget. When we go back to Thailand next trip, I want to try to have a side-trip to Australia. After all, it will cut the flight time by half.

5) Ireland – This one is for Mr. Rojo. He thinks he has an Irish blood.

6) Switzerland – I don’t know how to ski but I would love to go ski there. Does that make me sound a bit insane?

7) Japan – Technically, I have been there countless times except I only set foot on their airport. I don’t think that count.

8) China – Especially Shanghai, it’s the Western city of China.

9) Mexico – It won’t be right not to visit and get to your our neighbor, heh?

10) California – I have been there 10 years ago. But I think my one trip doesn’t do justice to that State. I would love to go back to San Diego, San Francisco and LA (this one mainly for Thai food)

11) Las Vegas/Grand Canyon – Whatever happen in Vegas, stay in Vegas. :)

12) Fiji – We can always dream, right?

13) Brazil – I would love to visit the Amazon and take in the vibrant culture.

That’s it folks. My list. So where are your dream destination?