Travel With Kids: Tips Before You Go to Paris


My good friend just recently came back from their Summer vacation in Europe. I’m so excited to talk to her about her experience during her trip. Her first stop was in Paris. She gave me great tips on things that went wrong during her trip.

Double and Triple check your hotel information

When they arrived in Paris to their hotel which they booked online, they were in for a surprise to found that their hotel has no A/C. Apparently, it is typical to a lot of hotels in Paris. This is one thing that I have never known about before but now I know that it will be one of the feature I will make sure to check.

Verify the museum hour for different days of the week

When you travel back and forth between time zone, the jet lag and the date change can get to you. Make sure to double check the date and time of the operating hour as it may be different each day. And check your calendar when you arrive to make sure that you know what day you are of the week. :) It happened to me a lot especially when I flew back to Thailand. I have to stop and think what day was it.

Don’t forget about the Metro System operating hour

When we travel, we could get carried away visiting all those fabulous tourist attractions that we forget about how we can get back to the hotel. The night time at the Eiffel Tower is one of the amazing sight to see. But make sure you have a way to get back to your hotel because the Metro System might not be operating after the light show.

Give yourself time to adjust

It will be best if you give yourself some time after arrival to adjust to the travel exhaustion and jet lag. So give yourself one extra day to relax instead of doing lot of sightseeing the first day.

Do you have any tips before anyone heads to Paris to share?