Dreaming of: Angkor Wat

I have lived in Thailand for over half my life but I haven’t visited my neighboring country Cambodia yet. And now I live half way around the world and I’m dreaming of visiting Angkor Wat lately. My brother and my mom were there a couple years ago. They took advantage of the low airfare and went there on a whim. The trip was probably one of many spontaneous my wanderlust brothers have done over the year. The pictures are breathtaking. I can help but envy their experience.

I plan to visit Angkor Wat on our next Thailand trip. I don’t know where to start yet but my brother can probably give me a good idea and contact to start. We will probably spend a few days there. Learning the history of this ancient city that has been reclaimed by the nature over hundred of years. Bracing the hot sun of South East Asia summer. Hopefully, it will be tolerable for my kids.

And the food.. Ah.. Food and Asian people goes together like chopsticks. We live to eat. We love to eat and we travel to eat.

Now if anyone has any great accommodation, please feel free to share.

This post is part of Monday are for Dreaming at The Mother of All Trips.