Summer Story: The Last Day of School

Summer End of School-1


The Last Day of School

There’s always that time when everyone is crazy, wild , and out of control. That time is the end of the school year. This is also the time people are most prone to end-of-school-itis. Some symptoms are dress-code breaking, running in the hallways( we all do it, but the teachers don’t try to stop us on the last day of school), yelling in the classrooms, and breaking rules.

I do have to admit I do break some rules. As in some I mean most. I loved every minute of it.

My Day on The Last Day of School


My day was like anybody else’s on the last day of school. I broke the rules, screamed in the classrooms, acted wild, and had fun, but while playing around something popped in my head.

That my friend was the song “How Far We’ve Come” by Matchbox 20. It made me think I really have come far.

So you think by now that this writing is just to tell people about the end of the school year, but I want to say I am ready for summer and what life has to throw at me.

Summer in Thailand with Kids-1


I have come too far to turn around, Summer I am ready!

Stay tuned on my summer story as I will be reporting from Thailand.

Spring has sprung the new look at The Q Family Adventures

For some reason, Spring has been the time we changed things up a bit here at the Q Family. A couple years ago, I took the leap and had new theme to the site. And this time, I even hired a designer, Greg from Engine 1 Media, to help redesign our little family travel blog.

This blog has been a labor of love and I couldn’t be happier to see the result that he has created.

Family Travel Blog: The Q Family Adventures

We have moved things up a bit but it should make it easier for you to navigate.

At the top navigation menu, you will be able to see our posts by Destinations, Travel Tips, Travel Reviews and Family Vacations. Our resources page has a great list of travel blogs for you to check out.

The search box will make it easier for you to find specific post.

Family Travel Blog: The Q Family Adventures Search

We still plan a few tweaks so please bear with us.

So I hope you will take time to check it out and let me know what you think! :)

Photo Friday: The Man Behind the Scene

Travel Videographer

Even though I’m the face of The Q Family Adventures Family blog, I couldn’t have done it without the great support and help from Mr. Rojo – the man behind the scene. This year he has also stepped up his involvement in our blog from a pack mule who carried all our luggage, a babysitter who took care of the kids when I was busy with my conference or picture taking to a videographer. We plan to put out more videos review on places we have visited and stayed on our blog. Because sometimes video does provide you with better view on our experience than pictures.

Family Travel Videographer

So here we are… Meet Mr. Rojo, the man behind the scene of The Q Family Adventures Travel Blog.

By the way, have you checked out our YouTube channel yet? We are still working on adding more videos but would love you to check it out and let us know what else you want to see.

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Dreaming of Seattle With Kids

Seattle View - Seattle With Kids

Photo Credit: WSK_2005

Ah.. It seems the west coast has been on my mind a LOT lately. Last week, I shared with you on one of my dream trip – Alaska with kids. And I have to say the recently travel deal from Disney Cruise Line makes it even more tempting.

However, it is almost impossible for us to travel to Alaska this year. We already have a trip planned for this summer to Seattle and Vancouver for the 3rd annual TBEX conference.

Dreaming of Seattle: The Emerald City

This past weekend, the first step of our Seattle trip planning is done. We have booked our tickets using our miles from our Thailand trip.

So now, I started to shift my focus to the Emerald City. Seattle has been the place that seems to have a pull in me. I don’t know whether it’s the coffee, the movieSleepless in Seattle, the TV show – Grey’s Anatomy, the book – Twilight or my friends who moved back there a couple years ago. I know that I have been dreaming about visiting Seattle with kids for a long while.

Luckily for me that Seattle is also home to many great travel bloggers/writers that I have admired and followed.

On one hand, it makes researching for the destination a little bit easier because I have my go-to sites. On the other hand, the amount of information is overwhelming. There are ton of information for me to read and shift through.

Seattle Based Blogs

So far I have had a handful of blogs I subscribe on my RSS reader. Please feel free to add your favorite Seattle based blogs so I can check them out.

  • Cascadia Kids – Lora has a great resource for family travel to the Pacific Northwest. Her book, Northwest Kid Trips: Portland, Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver is a great addition for any family planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest area.
  • Delicious Baby – Debbi is an expert in family travel. Her blog is a wealth of information for family travel, not just for Seattle. But Seattle is her home town so it’s easy to find many great information about fun things to do with kids in Seattle.
  • Nerd’s Eye View – Pam is a fantastic travel writer. I love to read her post and she inspires me to try to be a better blogger. Reading her blog is like reading a great book. It’s beautiful and eloquent.
  • Wanderlust and Lipstick – Beth is the author of the women travel blog guide and also lead many women only & co-ed trips to India, Bhutan, Vietnam & Cambodia. I love reading about her trips and tales.
  • Emerald City Kids – Terumi blogs about her life with twin boys in the Emerald City. It’s fun to see their adventure in exploring the city.
  • Chris Around the World – Reading Chris’s blog is like reading a good travel magazine! I love reading about her trip reports from her extensive travel experience.
  • The Carey Adventures – I love Peter’s photography skill. His Photo of The Day series is my favorite thing to look at every morning.
  • Northwest Cheapsleeps – A great blog about great and cheap accommodation options in the Northwest. I’m looking forward to additional trip guide especially Seattle and Vancouver.

So did I miss any great Seattle based blogs? Please feel free to leave me a comment! Also stay tune as I work on our short list of things to do in Seattle with kids. It’s a long list but we definitely have to trim them down.

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Dreaming of Alaska with Kids

Alaska With Kids: Denali National Park

Image by Jim Liestman

To tell you the truth, I haven’t thought much about Alaska until last year. It seems so many forces from all directions trying to nudge me to take notice of this vast land.

It all started from my in-laws cruise trip to Alaska. Then I started to see many of my fellow travel bloggers wrote about their trips to Alaska.

The Land of Many Adventures

At first I heard about Dave & Deb at The Planet D‘s trip on Princess Cruise. Oh.. I couldn’t tell you how much I enjoyed following their trips from their excursions in Skagway, the whale watching in Juneau or a visit to Denali National Park.

On the same cruise, Beth from The Vacation Gals also wrote about her experience that made me ooz.. ahhh.. the whole time I was reading them.

That would have been more than enough to entice me to start taking Alaska seriously. Then to find out that Kara and Jen, the other 2 authors of The Vacation Gals were also on the path to Alaska on 2 different press trips, was just too much to handle.

It was so nice to learn that ‘Yes’ Alaska is family-friendly and can be a great family vacation. It was something that I have heard differently from other people. So it’s nice to see Kara and her family had a great time in this Alaska family cruise.

I was so glad to read about their honest comparison on 3 different cruise trips to Alaska. It was a great post to use for my future research.
Travel Alaska
So today, as I participate in Mara’s Mondays Dreaming, I’m dreaming of my Alaska vacation. I don’t know when this will happen yet but I know I have a good resources to start scheming and planning. Plus I already sign up to receive a  Travel Alaska book . I can’t wait to start flip through and dream about it!