Blissful Moment at Family Ski Trip

Keystone With Kids: Colorado Ski Vacation

Even though we have been back for more than two weeks, I still can’t help but remember all the precious memory we had at Keystone Ski resort.

The morning at the River Run Village was busy with the sound of ski pants rubbing each other, the clicking noise of the ski boots on the street, the sound of exciting kids to race down the slopes and the cheerful greeting from happy employees at Keystone resort.

Keystone With Kids: Colorado Ski vacation River Run

It’s those moments that I am thankful and appreciate the opportunity we have as a family to be able to enjoy and experience it. Born in a tropical country in Thailand, if you would have said one day I will ski down one of the best ski resort in the Colorado mountains, I would have laughed at you. But now, we are planning our second ski trip for this year to ski resorts near Atlanta. (yes, we do have some in North Carolina area) The snow might not be as powdery or even real snow at all but I know the thrill and excitement of going down hill will probably be the same!

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  1. This reminds me when we took our kids skiing for the first time to Breckenridge in Colorado, it was an amazing trip especially as we went all the way from South Africa. My son was 10yrs old at the time and was hooked immediately, he now lives in Europe and skies regularly but still speaks about that first time….very special.

  2. Ah I didn’t realize you guys had gone back already! Jealous. I grew up “skiing” the Southern ski resorts, and after living near Tahoe for several years, am not quite looking forward to the “local” resorts.


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