Best Family Favorite Moments at Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium With Kids

Last week, I posted about our experience in Georgia Aquarium – The Planet Shark exhibit. So this week I will continue on our fun day in the Georgia Aquarium. After we were done with The Planet Shark exhibit, we headed down to the main area of the aquarium.

I wouldn’t want to bore every one to death of every single detail of our visit. It’s just better to experience it yourself.

But here are Our best family’s favorite moments.

Georgia Aquarium with Kids Tropical

Tropical Diver: Jelly Fish and Living Reef

In the Tropical Diver, we experienced the largest living reef exhibit with overhead crashing wave. This is probably one of the favorite in the Tropical Diver. I could imagine myself sitting there all day checking out thousand of colorful coral reef on display.

Georgia Aquarium - Jellyfish

I was obsessing over trying to get that perfect blue of jelly fish. Well, you are the judge. How did I do?

Georgia Aquarium Tunnel

Ocean Voyager: Underwater tunnel, Whale Sharks and Manta

When we were there, the movable walkway was disable. It maybe because it was already late in the day or it was broken. But either way, I like it. It allows us to spend more time to check out those thousand of fish swimming by overhead.

Georgia Aquarium Fish Guide

We pick up a fish guide at the beginning. It was a brilliant idea and perfect for kids to engage in the exhibit. Miss J and Mr. Z were busy looking for each fish and learned about each one of them.

Georgia Aquarium Shark

Ocean Voyager: Diver Spectacular Show

Ok, it’s not really a show but we were there when there was the Diving program. It was a perfect timing. Kids enjoyed watching both fish and divers swimming around. It even made Mr. Rojo considered taking up diving… Maybe.. Maybe..

Georgia Aquarium View Window

The viewing window is humongous. It’s the second largest viewing window in the world. There is space for everyone to enjoy thousand of fish, sharks, manta and other sea creatures. I think we could probably spend a whole day just sit there and watch the fish.

Georgia Aquarium Slide

Georgia Explorer: Touch Pools and Big Whale Slide

Ok.. I’m kidding. I like various touch pools in the exhibit. The most prominent one is the touch pool for stingray and bonehead shark which is right in the entrance of the exhibit. Too bad Mr. Z and Miss J are a bit too small to reach the pool. Maybe the aquarium might consider a touch pool for children? Something a bit shallower that they can reach. Wonder if that’s even possible.

Then they turned around and headed inside the exhibit. A big whale slide was there to greet them and before I could say anything they were off. They ran up and down the slide a few times before we had to pull the plug and head out.

What a great day we had in Georgia Aquarium and thank you for providing us with complimentary passes.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary tickets from Georgia Aquarium and The Planet Shark. However, this post is based solely on my experience and my opinion without any outside influence.

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  1. Looks like fun. Cool that your kids got into triying to identify the fish right there and then. Budding scientists!

  2. The whale sharks absolutely amaze me! Georgia Aqurium has some beautiful sealife. I love the picture of your littles one trying to name the various fish!

  3. Very cool…the underwater tunnel reminds me of visiting the polar bears at the Detroit Zoo. Fabulous pictures…thanks for sharing.


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