Bangkok With Kids: Thinking of Siam Ocean World

Three years ago when we went back to Thailand for a family vacation, we met up with my brother’s family for a fun family-friendly day at Siam Ocean World.

Siam Ocean World is one of the main attraction for family with children in Bangkok. It is one of the biggest aquarium in Bangkok and South East Asia. Plus it is located at the heart of Bangkok in Siam Paragon.

However, with the unsettling situation in Bangkok near Ratchaprasong business area, we will probably skip our return visit if the situation is not resolved by then. I do sincerely hope that it will be resolved though.

We went there during the weekend so that my brother’s family could meet us. It was a great family outing even though it was a bit crowd. But that’s something you just have to learn to deal with when visiting Bangkok. We have a lot of people live there.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how well kept the exhibits were. We also purchased the tickets to Glass Bottom Boat. The tour was fun. It was quite nerve racking at the same time when we had 4 kids all under the age of 5 in the group. I think if we go back now my kids will enjoy it even more because they will be able to feed the fish.

There were also many other interactive activities for children and family to enjoy throughout the aquarium. We witnessed the diver feeding at the huge wall-to-wall glass tank. We enjoyed seeing the sense of humor they put in from car fish tank or refrigerator fish tank. Basically, virtually anything can become a fish tank!

It wasn’t long before all the kids were restless. So we headed out and played with Thai mermaids. I guess you can see from Mr. Z’s face how exhausted he was by then.

The benefit of having the Aquarium right underneath the shopping mall was it was easy for dinner or lunch. Bangkok is famous for food. And Siam Paragon food court wasn’t disappointed. If you are a tourist, I think it’s a safe bet to eat at the food court. You will be able to try out different types of food and the price is very affordable as well.

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  1. I remember when it first opened, the water was all cloudy and stuff. Heh. I still think it is awesome for Bangkok. :)

    • LOL.. I know what you mean. My friend even joked to me to hurry and visit the aquarium before all the fish would be gone. I’m glad to know that it has lasted this long. :) Hopefully, we might get a chance for a revisit this trip. Fingers cross!

  2. I am heading to Bangkok on Monday, and unfortunately have had to all but cancel that portion of our trip, staying by the airport and heading to Laos 2 days early. I am disappointed I won’t get to see this great city!

    • Hi Andrea, so sorry to hear that you have to do that. If you stay by the airport, you might want to check out the fun things to do near Jatujak Market. There is a park that you can rent a bike to ride around that is connected to Butterfly & Insectarium. It’s call ‘Rot-Fai Park’ (meaning Railway Park)

    • Scratch that comment. I forgot that our new airport is on the other side of town. :) It’s unfortunate because you could still enjoy other part of Bangkok that has no impact from the situation at all. But I totally understand that when you don’t know the area well, it’s better be safe than sorry.

  3. Such a tired-looking bear! Even the mermaids can’t coax a smile out of him :(
    But it looks like you had a fun visit all the same.

    • I know. It’s part of the package when we travel such a long distance. Weather, jet lag and all the excitement can easily get to them. Fortunately, it was a short-live because he was happy after we took them to the food court! :)

  4. It reminds me a bit of the one we went to in Valencia – no boat rides but we did see a diver vacuuming the bottom of the aquarium

  5. Were there sharks below you? Those life jackets don’t look like they could save you from the sharks which would be my number one fear??!!

  6. Do people really have to cancel their trips to BKK right now? I would go. I mean, aren’t the protests limited to certain areas? Or do I just have my rose-colored glasses on?

    • I’m still going and I would encourage people to go too. The protest is still going on but you are right. It’s very limited to certain area and Bangkok and Thailand have a lot more to see and do than just those areas. Yes, I will miss my seafood place in Silom but I can still do other things there.

  7. The glass-bottomed sounds like fun. I remember going on one (although it was much larger than the one here) on Lake Superior near Michigan’s UP to see shipwrecks.

  8. The mermaids are great. I’ve never seen a boat ride in an aquarium, that is so cool.

  9. Now that’s something every family with kids will enjoy! The aquarium looks like the one that we have here in Dubai. I have yet to visit Bangkok and if I do, I’ll definitely come here!

  10. This is definitely something my daughter would love! When we go to our rtw, this will be in our agenda!

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