Baby Step to Hiking – Backyard Hiking

Since we are not an avid hiker but I want to do more outdoor adventures with my kids, I decided to start out with one baby step at a time.

We live in a small neighborhood – no fancy pool with slide, no 10 tennis courts, and not even a clubhouse, but we do have a nice nature trail wrap around our neighborhood. It’s a short trail but along the trail we can walk up to a creek.

So a couple weekend ago, I decided on a whim to take them out and check out the trail. We had walked this trail before when we first moved here but at that time we were under the drought condition. So no water for us. But this trip it wasn’t disappointed. We pack our little backpack with bottle of water and hat, then we headed down the street to the entrance of the trail.

The trail is fairly easy to walk. No climbing or difficult rock to climb over. We saw rabbits and birds. In the beginning, Mr. Z was so freak out. I guess too much of the city boy. He wanted to go home as soon as we started the trail because there are too many trees! Go figure! But once we climbed down to the creek, he was in his happy place.

We sat there and listened to the water flow. We took off our shoes and walked along the creek. We slid down the rock slide. We put our feet down and relaxed… Miss J even claimed that it’s the best day of her life! :) Kids! So easy to please.

When it’s time to head back, I promise them that we will try to do this more and next time we will bring our swimming suits so they can just let loose.

Adventure doesn’t have to mean you have to pack your backpack and travel 1000 miles away from home. Adventure is everywhere around you.

How about you? What other around-the-neck-of-the-wood adventure you do?

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  1. What an awesome adventure. Its amazing how excited kids are with exploring the outdoors, even if its practically in your backyard! Nice idea!

  2. I think the concept of ‘right in your own backyard’ is one of life’s key lessons. Parenting is such a great reminder of this. Wonderful post!

  3. We love the trail behind our house as well. It’s even more fun when I let my son “blaze the trail” and choose where we are going.

  4. sometimes a backyard hike is all you need!

  5. That’s a great place to start! As far as my backyard adventures, I live in Colorado so they are too numerous to list. We love hiking.

  6. Great story.
    Local nature trails/centers are a treasure. Almost every area or town has one or more. We need to be sure we support them.

  7. We went for a walk today along the trail by the water in front of our place. We have a butterfly sanctuary (or at least a place where there are a lot of butterflies and signs and information on butterflies) Lots of greenery and the trail goes forever. You can really find a little piece of heaven wherever you are in the world.

  8. I’m impressed with your determination to impart love of the outdoors with your kids. As Confucius have once said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Way to go, little kids!

  9. How nice that this trail is so close for you! It’s amazing how much wildlife and fun you can find on these little urban/suburban green spots.

  10. We hike at least twice a month (year round) with our kids. It is a amazing family adventure. And you don’t need to find a “designated trail” just go and see what you discover! Here’s a post I wrote about great gear for getting outside with the kids:

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