San Diego With Kids: 5 Best Animal Shows and Encounters in SeaWorld San Diego

During our SeaWorld San Diego visit, we had such a great time enjoying watching the Animal shows and interacting with Animal encounters throughout the park. We tried to pack in as many attractions as our kids’ little legs could handle. But there are still a few other shows and animal encounters that we missed. But here are our favorite ‘Best Animal Shows and Encounters in SeaWorld San Diego’

1. Sea Lions LIVE

SeaWorld Sea Lion Show

The Sea Lion Live show is a fun show and very entertaining. It’s not one of those boring show that you see the sea lion jumping up and down without any story. They have create a great scripts that both funny and witty. The show incorporated current TV shows and musics into their shows making it entertaining without bored parents or bigger kids.

SeaWorld Sea Lion Jump

2. Dolphin Experience Presentation

SeaWorld Dolphin Show

As SeaWorld getting ready to open the new Dolphin Show – Blue Horizon at their new stadium in May 29th, 2010, we got to enjoy their dress rehearsal for their new show. The show took us to behind the scene on how the trainers work closely with the dolphins and what techniques they use to train them. Now there is one more reason to come back to visit San Diego and SeaWorld.

SeaWorld Pilot Head Dolphin

3. The Shamu Show Believe

SeaWorld Shamu

The star of SeaWorld doesn’t disappoint any kids or adults. Who wouldn’t be in awe to see triple flips from a mammal that size! If that didn’t move you, the music and the story will probably have done it. I don’t think there is any more words I can use to describe our experience with the Shamu show except you have gotta see it for yourself!! It’s one of those things that you can’t really convey the experience unless you have witnessed it. Oh! And they are not kidding when they mark the soak zone

SeaWorld Shamu Show

4. Forbidden Reef

SeaWorld Stingray

It was supposed to be a quick stop while we wait for the Shamu show but it turned out to be one of our favorite stop. The Forbidden Reef provides kids the perfect opportunity to touch and feed bat rays. The lagoon is shallow enough that little kids can reach out and touch the rays. Mr. Z couldn’t get enough of it. It took quite a bribe to get them away from the lagoon.

SeaWorld Stingray Pool

5. Dolphin Encounter

SeaWorld Feed Dolphin

Another wonderful show that we stumbled upon during our wandering in the park. The Dolphin Encounter allows kids and adults to feed these gentle animals and touch them. I love that the staffs were there ready to help you finding a spot to feed them.

SeaWorld Dolphin Pool

Disclaimer: I received complimentary tickets from SeaWorld San Diego. However, this post is based solely on my experience and my opinion without any outside influence.

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  1. Forbidden Reef is one of our kids’ favorites also! They LOVE hand feeding and petting the Manta Rays and love it so much we came home with a stuffed one… :) Out of all the cool stuffed animals in the park, that was the one chosen to buy!

  2. You got some really amazing shots! I saw the Believe show at Sea World Orlando and it’s just always one of my favs – I just can’t get enough of Shamu. Looks like you guys had a great time :-)

  3. When our kids are a bit older and can appreciate more these things, we will definitely take them to Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Disneyland, Universal Studios, etc. The whole California shebang! Can’t wait ’til then!

    By the way, I have a giveaway that you or your readers might be interested in: a Lubitel 166+ camera package. Hope you can help me promote it. And please, do join! Thanks!

    -Jen from Folie à Deux and Les Filles Giada et Cairo

  4. The dolphin encounter looks pretty neat. I remember going to a show like this once in Baltimore but as impossible to interact with the dolphins like this.

    I always wonder how the dolphins don’t get fat with that much free food :)

  5. I am impressed with how many shows you saw in one day! (Or was that over the course of two?) Marvelous photo of the bat rays!

  6. The behind-the-scenes tour of the dolphin show sounds interesting. I love seeing what goes into a show. And this sounds a little like some of the behind-the-scenes tours of the zoo with trainers…I’ve always wanted to take one of those.

  7. Colleen Lanin @ Travel Mamas says:

    I can’t believe my favorite Sea World show, Pets Rule, didn’t make it into your favs! These are all fun too, though. Glad you enjoyed “my” town!


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